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What to Know The Truth About Air Duct Cleaning

Clean the ductwork. How do we maintain a good indoor climate without sacrificing the natural beauty of our homes? Is there anything that can relieve my allergies immediately? Can contractors get you money? Many businesses offer services to improve air quality.

In the Greater Toronto Area it is likely that you have many coupons for services including air vent cleaning. In fact, it appears that duct cleaning businesses have cleaned things a little more recently than previously thought. There’s a time when a company offers duct cleaning service door-to-door at an inexpensive price. Review sites such as HomesStars make the process much easier.

Do you think you should have your air ducts cleaned? Think again

If anyone is suffering allergies, you should consider cleaning the HVAC and cooling pipes. However, it can be a difficult task for you to clear out your ductwork. What happens to the air that is coming into the ventilation system and should be cleaned too? Yeah, yes! Although some cleaning contractors claim ducts are vital to your health, there are no studies that support this claim. Many manufacturers who use duct cleaners advertise health benefits and suggest duct-cleaning will decrease your electricity bill.

Does Duct Cleaning Remove Mold and Bacteria?

Mold and bacteria can be eliminated only by removing agitators from the vent. The removal of a variety of biological contaminants is done utilizing specialized chemical products such as biocides or disinfectants. The Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) regulates chemicals and biological cleaners for HVAC cleaning.

AtlasCare is now offering its branded Benefect disinfection system, utilizing harsh cleaning agents formulated from synthetic chemicals and. This Vent Deodorizing System kills 99.99% bacteria and mold and spore-causing bacteria while retaining the chemicals and protecting your family for longer.

How do I prevent Duct Contamination?

Regardless of when you want ductwork to be cleaned, establishing an adequate maintenance routine is crucial to minimize leakage. To prevent a bacterial invasion in the heating and cooling system apply the most efficient filter recommended for you. Ensure the filter is cleaned frequently and updated every few months.

When your filters are clogged, you should update them often. Keep your filters out and ensure you can’t bypass filters through holes around filter holders. If a cooling system needs cleaning or replacement, ask the technician if they can clean the cooling coil and drain pan.

Do sealants prevent the release of dust particles into the air?

Manufacturers claim that sealants in ductwork reduce airflow in their systems. The sealing process for biocides usually involves spraying in the duct system. Laboratory experiments have shown this method of introduction is unlikely primarily to completely contaminate the duct surface.

The application of sealing agents can also affect the sound and fire retardation characteristics of fiberglass-covered or fabricated pipe ducts, and invalidate the manufacturer warranties. Questions regarding safety effectiveness and general desire are still being asked regarding Sealants.

Should chemical biocides be applied inside air ducts?

Depending on the company, duct cleaning companies might suggest applying toxins to your system to prevent future bio growth. Occasionally cleaning contractors can use ozone to kill biological contaminants.

Ozone is a highly reactive gas which can be controlled in the air to cause respiratory irritation. Despite some controversy about removing chemicals in the ductwork such as biocide and ozone it hasn’t been approved. Biocide and ozone applications of chemicals in the air duct are governed by the federal pesticide laws and are subject to federal regulation.

In the meantime

Service Provider must: Show visible signs of bacteria growth on the duct. Some service suppliers might try to convince you your HVAC system is contaminated when you demonstrate microorganism growth on settling surfaces (petri dishes).

That’s wrong. Some microbes can be found in the air and, if the surface is damaged, some growth is normal. As noted earlier, only a qualified specialist can confirm that substances exist because their biological growth is needed in determining their existence. Several test procedures aren’t reliable.

Is Duct Cleaning Safe?

Generally dust in your home contains several parts of a large amount of dust, which can include dust, mites mosses, dust mites, pollen mosses, hairs and fur. It isn’t possible if these particles are placed inside the air duct that could cause harm to our health.

It is also well known to some that the particles can cause allergic reactions to some. Although dusty ducts do not mean healthy, they can cause more serious health problems. The dust mite produces allergens and causes asthma attacks. In fact, dust causes respiratory problems in 43% of asthmatics.

Does Duct Cleaning Really Help Get Rid of Dust?

Proper duct cleaning removes dirt and dust all over the interior of your ducts. This effect is not permanently felt. The air ductwork is still accumulating dust after heating the air or coolant is applied. Dust exists in our lives.

You can eliminate them completely in a home, regardless of your cleaning schedule. Similar to duct cleaning. Most dust in your air ducts stays on your surface. The whole thing isn’t getting into the house. We recommend not to clean out the ducts as frequently as once per year.

Why are Ducts cleaned?

Your HVAC equipment circulates air throughout your home between your room and your HVAC equipment. According to the size of the home and the heating and cooling systems in your house it will have five to seven airflows each day. This system allows the air in your home to be controlled by a controlled system. As time passes, this process dust will accumulate inside your home. Particles can include everything from dirt particles to dirt, animal hair, air contaminants spores and microbes.

Tell me the best way to clean air ducts?

Information regarding possible advantages in airduct cleaning is restricted to the general population. Since conditions at each household are different it’s impossible to generalise on how much the air duct cleaning will cost you.

No one is allergic or unexplained symptoms and illness. During the examination of your ductwork there are no signs of contamination in your ductwork. In normal circumstances, return registration register dust gets trapped by dust.

Other important considerations

Duct cleaning hasn’t proven that removing dust from floors is good. No study has shown the effect of dirty air ducting or the removal of dust from the home despite the presence of contaminated air particles. This because much dirt in air duct surfaces adheres to duct surfaces, but cannot penetrate the room. The dirty ventilation vents are the only possible source of particles in the home. Pollutants in homes can cause more harm than soiled air vent ducts.

Is Duct Cleaning necessary? According to the EPA)

No one wants their breath to pass through dusty passageways. We recommend cleaning your pipes about three times a year to ensure that your ductwork stays as tidy as possible. Both federal agencies agree that you shouldn’t have your duct cleaning scheduled to be done unless it has a special deadline; therefore, it shouldn’t be part of your daily routine. Nonetheless, exceptions exist. EPA says you must have your pipes cleaned if you have duct problems.

Suggestions for choosing a Duct Cleaning Service Provider

If a service provider offers duct cleaning check your Yellow Pages underduct cleaning, or you can contact duct cleaning organizations such as the National Association for Clean Air Ducts. No one can say every duct cleaner is responsible for cleaning ductwork.

Get estimates from a number of companies before making your duct work for cleaning. Tell the services provider that the contamination would justify the removal of duct work at the residence.

What should I expect from an Air Duct Cleaning Service Provider?

Upon obtaining duct cleaning the provider should open access port/door for cleaning and inspection of the entire systems system. Inspect the system for asbestos-free material before cleaning the heating/cooling system.

The materials that contain asbestos are required for special procedures that are never disturbed or taken down without specialized equipment. Use vacuum cleaners that exhaust particles inside homes or use HEPA-free vacuum cleaners.

What is air duct cleaning?

Most Americans know that indoor pollutants cause heightened awareness and increased noise levels. Some companies offer solutions for improving indoor air quality. You probably saw or received an advertisement or a promotional email from a company offering to clean the air ducts to improve indoor air quality. The cost for these services typically ranges from $450 to $500 a heating/cooling unit, depending upon the service provided or the product.

Tell me the best way to clean a toilet?

If your family gets often sick and a mold infestation is causing your ducts to rot, you may be tempted to use a professional air duct cleaner. It’s important that we have a clean home environment for our family and friends. How do air ducts help get rid of dust? Is duct cleaning expensive? Let’s explain why we are unable to offer any of our customers services for a cleaning of ducts.

Tell me the process of Duct Cleaning?

Duct Cleaning is an operation that removes particulates and dust from your HVAC system. In addition, the duct cleaning itself includes the duct cleaning and removal of: The loose particles were then collected and extracted by vacuum systems. During such processes all HVAC equipment has continuous negative pressures to keep the particles from exiting.

The Truth About Duct Cleaning

Is it really true that our customers request our duct cleaning services daily? We believe the product is an unnecessary investment by the consumer. It is hardly clear why having your duct cleaned can help keep your air clean. EPA researchers even analysed air duct cleaning. I’ve seen their conclusion:

Air Duct Cleaning Services Can Actually Damage Your Air Duct

As air conditioning units use filtering air for cleaning their air and there’s no evidence for duct cleaning, HVAC manufacturers don’t develop air duct cleaning products. The Environmental Protection Agency advises you only use these cleaning tools on ductwork crafted of a single piece of solid sheet metal.

Currently we use flexible ducts that are easily damaged when we use duct cleaners in the house. Depending on how often air ducts are cleaned, it can affect air quality and can cause more pollutants into the house if the insulation is damaged. Once the duct gets damaged, the replacement will take a while.

Duct Cleaning Doesn’t Always Solve The Real Problem

If you are considering vent cleaning because of mold, then think about the type of duct you have. The Federal government only recommends duct sealing based on solid sheeting material. The company urges consumers to check whether a substance in their ducts is a mold. The results are confirmed through testing by other parties.

You can take any contractor’s word for the mold that is inside your ventilation system. Clean the ducting may also remove the immediately visible spots of mould. If you don’t identify or address its causes, you could face another similar situation in your future. This is because much of the dirt in air ducts adheres to duct surfaces and does not necessarily enter the living space.

Your air conditioner has a built-in cleaning system

The air-conditioning system has been developed by adding an air filter. Air filters remove contaminants that are present in your HVAC system and also remove dust. When changing air filter, does the filter remove dust particles? Dust that passes through the filter in your ducts can easily be minimally controlled and has no known effect on air pollution. According to a recent EPA study, 85% of dust on your pipes will be retained in your walls, making it impossible for dust to penetrate your homes.

The actual work of Ductwork

It can seem like airduct cleaning can be helpful in providing cost-efficient heating and cooling, and avoiding costly repairs. It’s often the contrary. While it’s true that the ductwork in your home may contain dust, the particulates often adhere to the inside of the ducts and are not dislodged when the furnace or air conditioner is running.

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