Why Air Duct Cleaning Calls

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Air Duct Cleaning

The Better Business Bureau says these are all warning signs of air duct cleaning scams You are offered a flat rate. Reputable companies will give you a rate based on the size of your home. The time frame is very fast.

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Duct Cleaning

This is a robbery given to the scammer on a silver platter. How can an educated consumer know that the air quality and duct cleaning company that they are contacting is legitimate

Air Duct Cleaning Scams

The Better Business Bureau says these are all warning signs of air duct cleaning scams You are offered a flat rate. Reputable companies will give you a rate based on the size of your home. The time frame is very fast. A typical job will take at least five hours. The price changes after they arrive.

Air Ducts

When Rentera went into the attic to investigate, she said she could tell the air ducts were not cleaned and seals from the air conditioning unit were removed.

The organization suggests having your air ducts cleaned every three to five years unless you suspect one of the issues above. When you do call cleaners in for a thorough cleaner, expect it to be just that: thorough.

Air Conditioning System

You were supposed to be here hours ago, and no one has shown up to clean my air conditioning system.

The Basics Air ducts connect your heating and air conditioning system to the rest of your home. While dirt, dust, and other allergens can accumulate inside on occasion, significant build-up—enough to cause health issues—is rare.

Air Duct Scammers

Unfortunately, this scam has been around for years. Despite many customers signing up for the Do Not Call List, air duct scammers somehow make their way back to consumers’ phones. How to Protect Yourself.

Unwanted Calls

To help filter unwanted calls, download a caller ID and call blocking app that will help scam calls from getting through to your phone. Here’s a great example of how air duct cleaning scammers try to threaten and intimidate customers.

Reputable Company

If an offer sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Cleaning your air ducts is costly but it’s worth it with a reputable company to get the job done well.

By using the tools given here let us hope that you will have your ducts cleaned and your air quality vastly improved by a reputable company that can be verified by the methods we illustrated above. There is nothing as comforting as knowing that the air quality in your home or office is safe and sanitary especially in the year 2020 with the COVID-19 virus still haunting us.

Phone Rings

This means that every time your phone rings, Nomorobo gets the call as well. If the app picks up the phone first, it will run the number through its database and establish whether you are dealing with a scam number or not.

we personally come to your home or office building and check the vents, ducts, and everything else relative to our service and give each potential customer an individual estimate. We are prompt and reliable as far as showing up for an estimate or a job.

I have not yet figured out how to deal with this scam. One thing I must tell you, as potential customers is to be wary of anything on social media as being automatically truthful.

Fine Print

Read the fine print before signing any contracts to make sure you know what the work will entail and what will be included in the price.

You should also get any pricing guarantee in writing and make sure to read the fine print of your contract. UPDATE: We got a call from a legitimate air duct cleaning company after this story aired. They say these scammers are taking their photos and using their name to advertise.

Past Few Years

We apologize on behalf of the honest companies that strive to treat customers with the utmost of respect and highest level of customer service. As you may have noticed over the past few years, your complaints have been working and it seems the calls are fewer.

Tools like Snovio allow you to automate email marketing campaigns, find emails of potential clients, check your email lists and track you Gmail single emails. Pairing that with software like Calendly saves time and give an opportunity to people that interested in your product to schedule a demo or a call by themselves.

These scammers may also perform the bare minimum of work before alerting homeowners of the extensive and costly work they need to perform in addition to the base price.

Since these terrible incidents happened to two of my uncles, I do not answer the phone without recognizing the number or else wait for the answering machine to go on. Very often, as I am sure the reader would agree, these are telemarketer calls or even worse actual scammers.

Thousand Dollars

The Internet is sending me notifications that my package has shipped from Amazon and when it arrives in this country, the cost will be five thousand dollars that I will have to pay. I personally do not order objects over the Internet so I normally do not respond to these e-mails.

While government-related robocall scams, like the Government Grants scam and the Social Security Administration scam, come with certain red flags that are indicative of fraud, air duct cleaning robocalls often sound legitimate.

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No potential customer will ask why the estimator is going through closets, attics, basements, and every single room in the house. Isn’t that what a conscientious air duct cleaning company would do? The next step to this crime is when you make up with the scammer an appointment for the job. He will ask about your schedule.

We tried messaging and calling the workers and air duct company Rentera said she worked with. No one ever called or messaged us back. How do you check on a business before getting work done?

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Bait-and-Switch maruco / istock/ Getty Images Plus via Getty Images Similar to blow-and-go, the infamous bait-and-switch adds unwanted services on top of what you already agreed to pay.


uses an automated robot that is programmed to speak to telemarketers to make them believe they are speaking with a live person. Check it out by clicking on the video below.

In some cases, these deals simply help them get in the door to upsell you for more work or do a quick and unthorough job before disappearing. In other more sinister instances, particularly online, scams like these are a method to get your personal information.

When they were called a second time for more money, they realized that the scammer was using their son in law’s proper name and these people called him by a nickname.

If you get an unexpected call and get an uneasy feeling from the sales pitch, hang-up immediately.

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