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Air Ducts Explained: Understanding The Role Air Ducts Play In Your Home

Air ducts in houses are basically tubes connected to HVAC equipment by air vents into each room. It is an HVAC system that pulls air from an intake duct to heat or cool this air. The air is then forced into the vents and through ductwork for heat to the house.

Air flow through the air ducts of houses is often compared to the breathing air that circulates through them. Ducted air can actually affect the airflow of your home in many ways. When our arteries are clear and clean we have a healthy body and organ that works as intended.

What are air ducts? The Homeowners Guide To HVAC Ductwork

You have an air-conditioning machine inside your house. Do you have any knowledge regarding the ventilation? You don’t need a companion. Usually homeowners will avoid rooms if air-flow problems occur.

In fact, without knowing it, they have reduced how much living space they can comfortably have in a home. A duct problem can cause the homeowner and landlord a lot of frustration. This page shows the best ways to clean air pipes and air ducts for homeowners. Give yourself a little comfort.

What is a Duct and why should I care?

A duct is a pipe through your building to facilitate air flow. Those gases can be emitted in your home by your furnace or air conditioning unit, and can come out of your house. Most ducting materials are fabricated from fiberglass, plastics, and metal.

While most air conditioning ducts are round, they may come in different forms according to the way the piping is inserted into the house for transferring the air. The only way to see ductwork is through uncovered wall surfaces or ceilings, probably in basements or attics. And in the mind there is nothing and nothing and no mind.

How do I know if a Duct Cleaner did a thorough job?

Using an accurate visual inspection you can determine if the heating and cooling system is working properly. Occasionally, the service providers take remotely photographed pictures of ducts. All areas of your device should be clear, and you should avoid detecting anything without examining your eyes.

Immediately show the customer check list to the contractor before work starts. After completion of a work order ask a company to show you every component on your system so as to ensure that it is completed efficiently. If you answered “no”, you could find a problem with the task.

Why do it yourself?

Many homeowners haven’t had any education about caring for their own homes and spend much money learning these things hard. The clean up of your air conditioning ducts shouldn’t need to be something that you’ve hired someone to help you out of.

Most likely, no one has the high-powered vacuum pump mounted to the truck. You can learn about cleaning air ducts yourself here. No. You won’t have as much access to duct systems as commercial businesses can do. Okay. Generally, debris accumulated in the pipes reaches the register, and you are free to reach these areas.

Cleaning your Ducts

Homeowners may think of cleaning a drain by vacuum or dust brush. This shouldn’t work. Clean air ducts can be done at home or on your own. Only use qualified technicians that are equipped with the appropriate tools.

Air duct cleaning uses a high-end roto bristol brush equipped with high efficiency particle filtration and vacuum. Starting in the closest duct running from the furnace, brush passes through the ducted area multiple times. Using the longest duct running the system technicians move the machine multiple times to remove the dirt.

How do I prevent Duct Contamination?

If you decide to clean out air ducts, it’s important that you commit to a preventive maintenance program to reduce leakage. Ensure that your heating system doesn’t have dust in the system: Use the most efficient filters recommended by a manufacturer for the airflow system. Change filter frequently. If you have a clogging filter then you can change it regularly. Make sure that no filter is missing or air cannot escape from the filter void around the filter. The service provider will clean the cooling coils and drain pans if necessary.


It’s early to understand the importance of cleaning the air venting system, therefore no general advice should be given on the importance of duct cleaning. The EPA recommends reading it as it provides useful details.

Cleaning ducts hasn’t actually prevented the problem. There has also been no definitive research that shows particles are increasing in the home from dirty air vents and air conditioning system. Because many of the dirt on air ducts reaches the surface and doesn’t necessarily enter the ducts.

HVAC Duct Design Problems

Check out the air ducting styles. Firstly a plenum or radial conduit. Radial systems have the HVAC unit and return grills in center and the supplies ducts stretching over the plennum like spider legs. Two of them are a reduction in the extended plenary systems.

In its earliest form it shrinks to the point of extension when there are two air ducts on both sides. Those third two are expanded plenums. The plenum is a process where the airflow for heating and cooling units doesn’t shrink when it expands.

Which vents are which?

If you are a new homeowner you may not understand the venting system of your house. It can be easily determined by the testing of tissue. When you place a tissue inside the vent it is a return vent which draws air back from the home into the HVAC system.

If the tissues are not attached to vents they’re a supply outlet and the air is forced through the HVAC system regardless of whether the furnace or air conditioner is operating. Do not feel overwhelmed by vents inside the homes you live in.

Other important considerations

Cleaning of toilets was shown to be effective at reducing disease. No study has demonstrated that particle particle sizes are higher when a house has clean air ducts than after cleaning them. Because of the dust in ducts, it adheres to the walls, not directly into the living space. It’s important to remember that leaking ductwork can also be a potential source of particles in our homes. Air pollution, evaporation and sludge can cause more health problems than clean ducting and pipes.

HVAC Duct Cleaning Tips for Easy DIY

When spring is here and summer arrives this will help clean air vents and airducts through which air travels through our homes. Air vents and ductwork are filled with dust and debris that pollute your lungs.

If you’re thinking about how much debris and particles get trapped in the vent, you probably need to clean them out every now and again. Why do people need clean, smelling air around their rooms? Clean air ducting can improve the air quality of a house if necessary.

Tell me the best way to clean air ducts?

Knowledge regarding possible advantages of duct cleaning are limited. The air ducts need cleaning to make the home more comfortable, as the conditions vary. No one in your household has allergy or unexplained symptoms or illness, but after an examination of your inside of the ducts, you can’t tell whether your air vents are filled with dust or mold. The return register can sometimes look dusty because dust carries air across the grate.

What’s an Air Duct?

Air ducts or HVAC pipes, air conditioner tubes or AC pipe is a conduit which provides hot or cool air which heats, ventilates and cools a room. The ductwork of a house is connected through the HVAC system, where it filters the heat and cools the air before it is sent out. Ductwork provides heating, ventilation, and cooling and provides good indoor airflow for your family. Just as easy?? We should look into the airduct.

What should I expect from an Air Duct Cleaning Service Provider?

If duct cleaning is needed the service providers must open access ports or doors for the whole system clean and inspection. Make sure the cooling system is free of asbestos and other contaminant materials such as insulation, registered ducts etc. Asbestos-containing materials require special techniques and can only be inspected by specialized professionals. Use vacuums that expel the dust from inside your home.

Suggestions for choosing a Duct Cleaning Service Provider

To find duct cleaning contractors, check the yellow pages under “duct cleaning”. You can never be confident of the reliability and professionalism in the work of any duct cleaner. Get a written quote from 3 or four different services to determine if you need duct cleaning done. If the contractor comes out of your house asking for proof you are suffering from contaminants that will justify your cleaning.

What is air duct cleaning?

In recent decades, indoor air pollution has been a topic of increasing concern. Many companies sell products that improve indoor air quality. You probably saw ads or received coupons from companies offering to clean your air ducts as a way to improve your indoor air quality. The cost of heating or cooling equipment varies from $450 to $1500.

What if you find mold during your DIY duct cleaning?

If there’s an infestation, you want a mold test. Make an appointment for mold problems. HVAC cleaning companies are experts in the removal of harmful molds from ductwork. It has equipment that reaches difficult places you don’t have with the normal vacuum.

How air flows in a forced air duct system

HVAC systems are characterized by their cycles of airflow. Positive pressure in the pipes draws air into them and passes through filters. Clean air is heated and cooled and is returned to the areas where it is kept until you cycle again.

The Truth About Duct Cleaning

Ongaro and Son performs airduct cleaning as needed. There are several commonly believed duct cleaning myths which must be clarified if you are unsure if cleaning a duct is the best choice to keep your HVAC system working.

The periodic air duct cleaning might appear as an effective way for maintaining efficient heating and cooling and preventing unnecessary repairs. It is generally not true. Here are the main functions of duct cleaning.

Do sealants prevent the release of dust particles into the air?

The companies who manufacture the sealants say it will prevent the dust and dirt that can enter air from entering these duct surfaces. Similar to biocides, sealant is often injected in duct systems.

Laboratory tests show the resulting material does not coat the surfaces of the ducts completely. Applying sealing agents can also affect the acoustic (noise) and flame retarding characteristics in fiberglass-covered or constructed duct systems and invalidate the manufacturer’s warranty. There’s still a question on whether sealants can be used safely or economically.

In the meantime

Before using any chemicals for ducting, the service company should describe evidence to show that your ductwork has bacterial growth. Some service provider may try and convince you your ducts have become contaminated by presenting the bacteria growing in your house.

It’s a mistake and I don’t think it would be appropriate. Some microorganisms remain in the environment and some settling plates grow. Only a qualified expert can determine the chemical’s biological activity, and a laboratory test is needed to confirm this. Other tests have no reliability.

Should chemical biocides be applied inside air ducts?

Air duct cleaning companies may suggest that putting toxins in ducts could cause bacteria to grow in ductwork and prevent future biodegradation. A number of duct cleaning providers have suggested ozone as an option for biologically harmful contaminants to be introduced.

Ozone acts as the respiratory irritant that causes asthma symptoms and is highly reactive. However, the need for the use of chemical biocides in the pipework remains controversial. Chemical biocides are controlled in the air through Federally-approved pesticide laws by EPA.

Does duct cleaning prevent health problems?

It’s not clear. Some ducts may have become badly contaminated by various contaminants. It can help spread the pollutants around the house. A thorough vacuuming of the pipes may be the answer, but the problem is.

The light dust in the ducts in the house may be harmless. Duct cleaning should be avoided when preparing your cooling and heating system; it mainly involves regular cleaning of drain pans and cooling coils, periodic filter changing and inspection of the heating and cooling equipment.

Are duct materials other than bare sheet metal ducts more likely to be contaminated with mold and other biological contaminants?

You probably know about the air-duct system made of sheets of sheet metal. Most current residential duct systems use fiberglass duct board or metal sheets lined inside with fiberglass pipe lining. In the there has been an increasing use for flexible pipe piping generally covered with plastic or other material inside the duct. This increases duct insulation in the case of a leaky pipe. Flexible ducts are inexpensive.

Air Vent Location Not Optimal

Locations! The air vent in the closet is out-of-sight and provides no heat to the area properly. Likewise, if the vent can’t open up the air in a room you want, your air conditioner can work hard for the temperature desired.

It greatly reduces the life span of your HVAC system. I’m not happy! Lets talk about improper installation. When you think that the ductwork in your home is not properly installed, it can cause all kinds of heating and cooling issues. Using any of these as indicators that you’ll need ductwork replaced should it happen.

Bad takeoff placement

Air moving from supply lines or main pipes into landings is in varying directions. Airflows are very difficult to turn at high speeds, especially when driving off Interstates or off highways. We want an all round smooth turn because things go fast. Air flows are similar.

If the air flows from the vent into the duct, the airflow should return to its original flow about 240 to 320 feet. Takeoff must therefore be at least 24 inches from turnings and transitions or endcaps.

The Central Return Problem

In a perfect world, return will be given to every area except for kitchen, bathroom or utility room. Builders also like to save money.

Closed doors will starve furnaces or ACs and create negative pressure environments. The dusty air then penetrates the home through cracks, causing a whole series of unpleasant surprises.

Too many Air Ducts Coming Off The Plenum

Plenums are boxes connected to an electrical or heating device which supply hot or cold air and distribute or take it out of it. A ductopus is poorly designed radial systems with air channels from the plenum to the outside, like octopus tentacles. When there’s a large number of pipe links in one room airflow is poor.

Step-by-Step duct cleaning

What is the best advice about air filtering, secondhand smoking and health? Filters within a lung are similar. In general people have heard about how bad secondhand tobacco smoke can be. Keep in mind that the filtering system in the air vents works similarly for breathing. Inhaling secondhand smoke for weeks can happen when the smoking is removed and the nicotine residue is still in the air duct for a very long time.

If you’d like to schedule an appointment to have your air ducts cleaned, or even if you’d simply like more information about the air duct cleaning process, contact us ! We look forward to serving you.

Dirty Air Ducts

If you’re not entirely confident that you’d know when your air ducts need cleaning, keep reading to learn the telltale signs of dirty ducts! Giveaways of Dirty Air Ducts Since your home’s ductwork is hidden behind layers of flooring and Sheetrock, you’ll need to keep a sharp eye out for these four signs that your air ducts are getting a little grimy.

Supply Vents

Supply Vents Supply ducts are connected to supply vents. They provide conditioned air to your home. Most supply vents have louvers that may be adjusted to guide airflow. To see if it’s a supply vent, hold your palm up in front of a vent; a supply vent will blow air out.

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