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Air Duct Cleaning Las Vegas

UnifiedAir Ducts offers the best Air Conditioner Vent cleaning services in Las Vegas. Our airduct filtration and cleaning services include cleaning Las Vegas, Henderson and North Las Vegas. Boost the air quality in your house by using duct cleaning, dryer vent and filtering air. CALL: 725-777-2698 Contact Us.

How do I know if a Duct Cleaner did a thorough job?

Using a comprehensive examination, it will be possible to verify if a system has been properly cleaned. Several services providers use remote photos to capture conditions within the duct.

It is important that every portion of the system is clean; it is impossible for a human being to see a lot of dirt. Ensure the Post Cleaning Consumer Checklists are provided to the provider prior to use.

During the completion of work, contact the company to explain all of the parts that make up your system so that your job can be completed correctly. If the answer you received is “No,” it could signal a problem at work.

Cool Breeze Testimonials

The customer loves us! Call today to get free cleaning services for air-conditioning systems. It’s great to find a good company. When we started as home owners, we understood the importance of having our vents tested.

Shay is a professional in his conversations with us and the questions he asked us about his home gave me relief. I had him on my schedule. He arrived as quickly as he promised – he started working. I’m a clean-minded person, so I was pleased that he wore a pair every time I came into my apartment. It even took them out of the garages for his return.

How do I prevent Duct Contamination?

Air ducts must be maintained regularly to minimise the chances of air contamination and reduce the risk of mold. Use the highest quality air filters recommended by the manufacturers. Keep filters updated frequently.

Often changing filters can help. Check if there’s no missing filter and the air can’t pass through the filter holes around the filter housing. During the maintenance of the cooling and heating system or any other reason, make sure the service provider is cleaning the cooling coil and drain pan as well.


Air duct cleaning is already in its first stage so there are no specific guidelines for cleaning air ducts in a home that can provide advice. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) strongly recommends reading these documents for more information regarding the topic.

Duct cleaning has been proven effective at eliminating illness. No study has demonstrated definitive increase in the level of particles from dirty airducts. The reason for this is that ducting is usually covered by dirt.

What is air duct cleaning?

Most people now understand that indoors pollution has gained increasing importance. Many manufacturers offer products to improve the air in your home. You may have seen an advertisement or received an online coupon, or you may also have received the opportunity to get a cleaning service.You are likely to receive an offer directly from a cleaning service. These services typically range from $40 to $800 for heating/cooling systems, according to the services provided.

Recent Air Duct Cleaning Reviews in Las Vegas

One-hour air conditioning heating / cooling in Las Vegas. Timothy visited me for the first time to discuss my needs. I asked him what equipment was used to do both jobs and how to clean the ducts. Quite a pleasant man to talk to who explained the procedure very effectively. It was not a better day. Jorge is amazing. Each option has been thoroughly discussed and both of them have remained professional. He was able to clean the attic once it was done!

Tell me the best way to clean ductwork?

How do dirty air vents affect your air quality and increase electricity bills? Dirty air ducts can contaminate the air conditioner by dusting off your air conditioner every single day. It may also clog up your air conditioning system, requiring it to operate twice more for an extremely low output. Unified air conditioning units can make a huge difference to air quality within homes. If you’re looking for an improved HVAC system call 725-777-2698.

Tell me the best way to clean air ducts?

It is not clear whether air duct cleaning will solve any problem. As each house is distinct the situation cannot guarantee that air ducts can be refilled in an effective way. No one in your home will ever experience allergies or a severe illness unless the outside duct is inspected and the inside is not contaminated (no one should be consulted about it). The Return register gets dusty after the dust-laden air passes through the grate.

Other important considerations

Ductile cleaning does not prevent health problems. Neither study shows particle levels rise due to dirty HVAC ducts nor decrease when cleaned up. Typically dirt can accumulate on surfaces in HVAC equipment, but it doesn’t usually get into living areas.

This will help prevent contaminated air from entering our homes. The presence of pollutants in your home can lead to a higher risk of contamination than the use of dirty air ducts.

What should I expect from an Air Duct Cleaning Service Provider?

Upon a request from an HVAC company, the duct cleaning company should have open access ports or access door for cleaning. During the cleaning process, inspect the cooling and heating system to ensure it does not contain any toxins or other harmful substances. Asbestos is required in order to remove it. Use vacuums to remove particle particles from outside of homes or use HEPA vacuuming equipment when they emit particles.

Suggestions for choosing a Duct Cleaning Service Provider

Find companies offering duct cleaning services by checking the Yellow Pages. “Ducts” : You shouldn’t presume that any duct cleaning company is equally knowledgeable or responsible. Get written estimates from a number of different services before you decide on the cleaning of your ductwork. When services arrive at your home ask the provider for a picture of the contaminants which could warrant cleaning your pipes.

Explore our Solution Center for helpful air duct cleaner articles

Find out about the cleaning of air-ducts in the home from an approved company. The cleaners will clean out dirt from air hoses, letting fresh air escape. Have you ever wondered why air conditioner filters are being cleaned? Get rid of a lot more dirty ducts with this guide. If you saw cockroaches coming into your air vent it could be hiding somewhere else. Tell me the way to get rid of mosquitos from air vents.

A BBB interview with Cool Breeze Duct Cleaning Owner Shay Kanfi

1) Reduce lung allergies or irritants. All types of allergenics can accumulate on your ductwork like bacteria, pollen, mildew and pets. Oh yeah! Clean air vents can prevent respiratory ailments and decrease allergic symptoms. Cleaner Living Environment. Las Vegas is known for its chilly rain storms. Once there the particles circulate around the house settling in furniture, mattresses and flooring.

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A promise of 100% customer care that is not taken lightly. If your satisfaction is not 100% we will provide you a full refund. All jobs are done in 2 years! We treat all of our clients like they’d become part of our family. In the spirit of family-owned company we care about our families health and well being equally. Please feel comfortable; we will provide your children with safe and clean air.

Top Benefits of Air Duct Cleaning

Professional air duct systems are inspected for microbial or particulate growth or condensation. Assess your HVAC system’s cleanliness to ensure all the systems work correctly. Our HVAC system can be repaired after a mechanical cleaning. Your HVAC equipment looks brand new.

Air Filter Replacement

How often does it take to change your air filters? When your answer exceeds 90 days, Unified Air Duct Las Vegas can provide assistance with replacement air filters. The air filtration system is able to filter air from outside and reduce airflow and dust from inside homes.

Air Duct Cleaning

It is crucial for people to keep a safe distance from germs and viruses in their homes, especially now. The cleaning of air ducts prevents the spreading of infections such as influenza, cold, and coronvirus. Easily clean air vents with uncontaminated air filters.

The drying vent is the most overlooked part of your house. Having dryer vent cleaning regularly can help reduce a dryer vent from causing an explosion.This can help to maintain clean air.

There are 36 highly-rated local air duct cleaners

Give us a little info about the home project you are planning. You can match a professional in just seconds. Compare quotes to select an optimal professional for your job.

Schedule the cleaning for air ducts and re-clean the system with a simple sanitizer. Make an appointment today at 725-777-2698 to clean up your air conditioner.

Anthony Montanaro is Head of Allergy at Allergy Associates Research Center.

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We are the leading air duct cleaning company in Las Vegas with an easy-to-reach mission. Dedicated staff are always available to meet the individual project requirements. We hope you will find the HVAC services you’re after.

If you have questions about our website, please contact us right away! We’re a 100% licensed company that is family owned and carries a 100% satisfaction guarantee on every job that our customers get. We make it easy to breathe the best air into our house.

Air Duct Contaminant Facts

Most HVAC system problems occur due largely to dirt. Approximately 51% of air pollution causes disease or injury. The average annual waste reduction for the system is only 0.042 inches.

Does duct cleaning prevent health problems?

Lets be honest: Nobody has any knowledge. Some pipework is severely contaminated with various substances and they could potentially cause serious problems. This can be used to distribute contaminants throughout homes by using ducting. In some instances, duct cleaning is appropriate. The presence of small dust particles is normal. The cleaning of the drains is not considered a requirement when a yearly maintenance of your HVAC equipment comprises a routine cleaning of drainage tanks, heater and cooling coils, periodic filters and annual maintenance of your HVAC equipment.

Do sealants prevent the release of dust particles into the air?

Various manufacturers claim this sealing solution prevents dirt particles from entering the air duct. Similar to Biocides, sealing agents can sometimes be sprayed in a duct system. Test results in laboratories show the material used in this fashion does not completely enclose the surface of the duct. The use of sealant may affect sound insulation and fire resistance characteristics of fiberglass lined or insulated ducting and may invalidate manufacturers warranty. Questions regarding sealants’ efficacy and safety persist.

Are duct materials other than bare sheet metal ducts more likely to be contaminated with mold and other biological contaminants?

Most people know of duct systems made from sheet metal. However, most residential HVAC units have fibre glass duct boards or sheet metal ducts lined in fiberglass duct lines. Since the early 1970s there has been considerable growth in using flexible ducts, usually containing lining in plastic or other types. It’s possible to increase insulation by using insulation in the insulation of the conduit because the interior insulation improves acoustical (noise) control. Flexible conduits are cheap.

In the meantime

If a ductwork service provider is to employ a biocidal product in the installation, he must: Some service provider might attempt to convince you the air duct is infested by displaying microorganisms growing in your residence. It’s not acceptable. There are microbes everywhere at room temperature and the growth in settling plates is normal. As mentioned above — only a qualified scientist may identify a substance in its biological form. The testing method used is ineffective.

Should chemical biocides be applied inside air ducts?

Air telecommunication companies may suggest using a chemical biocide to destroy bacterial and fungi and prevent future bio-growth. Some duct cleaners have proposed introducing ozone for destroying biological contaminants. Ozone is a highly reactive gas that has been found to irritate lung tissues. However, there remain controversies regarding the need to include chemical toxins in ductwork. EPA explains the potential risks associated with ozone and biocide in air vents.

Questions to ask yourself

Are air conditioning ductings inspected every two to four years? Do houses get rid of dust every time you clean them? Does anyone have allergies to air? Are there children in the house? Can a clean house have a positive effect on health? Even after you have had air filters replaced in recent years, you must maintain this maintenance routine. This buildup is particularly important for those pets in Las Vegas and can affect your ac system quickly and negatively. Our air filters will be cleaned for you as soon as you can. Contact our offices today to find out our latest special offers.

How do I prevent Duct Contamination?

Air ducts must be maintained regularly to minimise the chances of air contamination and reduce the risk of mold. Use the highest quality air filters recommended by the manufacturers. Keep filters updated frequently. Often changing filters can help. Check if there’s no missing filter and the air can’t pass through the filter holes around the filter housing. During the maintenance of the cooling and heating system or any other reason, make sure the service provider is cleaning the cooling coil and drain pan as well.

Air Ducts Cleaned

Having your air ducts cleaned is recommended every three to five years, though in some cases two to three years would be the optimal time for best results and maintenance.

he air duct technician, after arriving to your location, will inspect the air duct system . Checking all the access points to the duct work, assessing its condition (by looking inside) and then decide which cleaning technique would be best in your home’s case.

The air in your home after a thorough air duct cleaning and sanitization is unmatched. If anyone in your home suffers from asthma or other allergies, it’s critical to ensure you’re breathing the cleanest air possible.

Heating And Cooling System

Deuces Duct Cleaning (NADCA certified) specialized in cleaning the various heating and cooling system components of forced air systems. This includes the supply and return air ducts.

Professional Dryer Vent Cleaning

Avoid a home fire with professional dryer vent cleaning. We’ll ensure your dryer is at max efficiency and safety by cleaning your dryer vent. ​ When lint builds up in the vent, it can cause serious issues in terms of fire probability.

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