What Do Air Ducts Do

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What are air ducts? The Homeowners Guide To HVAC Ductwork

It has an invisible device inside your house that circulates air. Are there any errors in the ventilation? No, it’s your own. Those that have air vent problem usually avoid areas such as cold or hot areas.

But they’re not realizing it and they have less living space for them to build up. Air duct problems can be frustrating for both homeowners and landlords. What follows is an owners guide for air vents and provides all of the essential information so you can remove those burdensome cold spots and return home. Give yourself the peace you deserve.

Air Ducts Explained: Understanding The Role Air Ducts Play In Your Home

Air pipes are primarily tubes connecting HVAC systems with air vents around the home. HVAC units collect air by means of intake vents that heat or cool it. It then pushed heated air through the ductwork in the room to be heated. Some have compared the airflow in their homes to human lung airflow. But air pipes are like homes that have the heart of their own.If our arterials are healthy, we’ll be able to eat our food, as well as our organs work as we should.

How do I know if a Duct Cleaner did a thorough job?

A comprehensive inspection is a great means of checking if a heat and air conditioning system is working properly. Occasionally, duct service providers use remote photos as part of their monitoring.

It’s recommended that all parts of the machine have an obvious appearance and no debris is visible. Show a list of clean customer reviews to service providers. After you complete a work request the provider will show you the various systems components that are required to ensure you have done the job in a satisfactory manner. If you have a question you don’t answer in a checklist, it can indicate an issue at work.

Learn More About Air Duct Systems

Ventilation in the ductwork is vital to creating air in the homes and offices. These products are compatible with any type of HVAC system that can be manufactured in many forms and the material of your airflow and size can significantly affect its quality and effectiveness.

Each property will have repair, maintenance, and replacement, so you should know which airduct or HVAC system you need to buy for your HVAC system to work properly. When you need advice on maintenance, contact an experienced HVAC company. Let’s get started with this article to help you understand the air duct system.

HVAC Duct Design Problems

You can see four common air duct designs. The first is the system of radially ducting. Radial system HVAC systems have HVAC units and the return grill at the center of the home, where the supply lines extend through the pelvis like the legs of Spiders.

The third system of plenums extends by reducing. As its name suggests, plenum size increases as air vents are inserted through each side. plenum expansions in general. The plenum which distributes or removes air from a heating system has no decrease in size over time when extended across its perimeter.

Other important considerations

Cleaning the ducts does not present any health risks. No recent studies show that air pollution is caused by dirty ducts or decreases after they are cleaned. The reason dirt accumulates in air duct walls adhered to their surfaces does so without entering the house or office.

Clean ductwork is only one of several possible sources of particles present in a home. Pollutants emitted by outside activities such as cooking, cleaning, smoking or simply walking around may have a higher risk of health risks than dirty air filtration.

What should I expect from an Air Duct Cleaning Service Provider?

The service provider must also have open access ports allowing inspection and clean up of the entire system. Upon inspection, check system to make sure it is not infected with any asbestos or similar substances. Asbestos contains substances and requires special procedures that should never be disturbed or removed except with special training and equipment. Use ducting vacuum equipment that removes particles from outside of a household and only high-efficiency vacuum equipment when there is vacuum exhaust in a home.


Knowledge on air duct cleaning has already begun to mature, thus it will not offer definite advice as to whether to clean your air ducts in the home. The EPA urges you to read the full document because it contains valuable information about the issue. Cleaning ducts is not proven effective at reducing health concerns. Nor have studies proven the presence of particles in the air in the homes. It’s because most dust in air ducts adheres to ductwork and is not necessary entering a home space.

Tell me the best way to clean air ducts?

Air ducts are often a costly procedure. Because the environment at home is different it can be hard to generalise the benefits of removing air leaks from your home. If none of our household members have allergies or unidentified symptoms or illness and if after visual inspection your air ducts do not contain large amounts of dirt, nothing else will. The return registers are usually dusty when air passes through grates that carry heavy dust particles.

How do I prevent Duct Contamination?

Clean air ducts are vital to minimising the chances of duct contamination and preventing future damage. The air filter recommended by a manufacturer should be used with high efficiency. Keep filter updated. When the filters are blocked, it should be changed regularly. Keep your air from entering into the filters by putting gaps around the filters. Whenever a heating/cable is inspected for other reasons, please ask if your system is clean.

Suggestions for choosing a Duct Cleaning Service Provider

Find companies that offer duct cleaning by searching your Yellow Pages under “ducts / cleanings”. Contact the American Association of Duct Cleaning Professionals (NADCA). It should not be assumed duct cleaners are the same. Talk to three companies before you decide what kind of duct cleaning you want done. If the contractor goes to your property ask for a report that shows how many contaminants could be present during the duct cleaning.

What is air duct cleaning?

Most are now familiar that indoor air pollution can increase in severity. Many businesses promote their products for improving indoor air quality. Most likely you saw an advertisement, received a coupon or were directly approached by a company to clean air vents to improve airflow in the home. This service generally ranges from $400 – $500 per heating and air conditioning system, depending on the services that are provided.

What’s an Air Duct?

See what is happening in your area – air ducts are ducts that provide warm/cool air for heating, ventilation, and cooling. Air vents connect to HVAC units that heat or cool the air inside your house. Airducts can provide thermal comfort and excellent air quality for you family. It’s really easy. We’ll look at the ducts.

How air flows in a forced air duct system

In HVAC equipment the air passes through cycles. The ducting is forced to move air through duct filters. Clean air is heated or cool and then pumped into your house for storage until the next cycle begins.

Low indoor air quality

You have two major indicators that will impact your health: If you’ve collected dust from a library, that’s a disaster. Second all the kids sneezes. Timmy has severe allergies too. Usually dust or pollen is released in your ductwork from holes or loose connections in the home.

Air duct failures are common, but the typical HVAC unit delivers just 57% of its expected output based upon its efficiency. Is Indoor Air a Problem? Learn more about air quality measurement by using this page. Yes. Tell me the reason. Lets get started.

Supply Ducts

Vacuum ducting blows air in and out of homes with warm or cold air. Venturi have typically damping valves controlling air flow known as registers. Supply registers can be placed close to windows or doors to help prevent the loss of warmth or cold or two supply registers can be installed within bigger buildings for the evenly distributed HVAC air. Good. We cover airflow fundamentals. Why do air ducts not meet a set standard?

Return Ducts

HVAC systems allow air in buildings to escape from the outside. Ventilations in return drain the air into your air conditioner and provide it either in the furnace or in your air handlers. Return vents are typically wider for supply ventilation and are known as grills. A filter is often inserted into the draining system or directly into its grill to protect the air conditioner from contaminants or dirt.

Hot & cold spots

It can be a very good indicator of air duct problems. You probably had the feeling before. If you come in and you get too much heat or you walk into your bedroom it is colder. The thermometers should also check for such occurrence. Once it is clear you can contact an HVAC specialist. They’d identify the causes of the problem and develop an action plan. Find out more about fixing cold spots.

Utility bills are high

It is possible that 45% if not all of the air will re-enter your system. When cold and damp air are released through underinsulated air ducting the charges appear on the utilities bill. It’s probably not worth the trouble. Your utility bill may tell you you’re actually using much more electrical power when compared to other similar residences in your community.

Little or no air flow from supply vents

A quick and easy method of checking this is by placing paper behind a window in the store. When a paper does not bend in such a way it prevents air flow. If you have a chance, your registration will close down and need re-opening soon. If that’s not enough, then it might be time to contact a heating/cooling technician.

Loud noise

Does the HVAC system have noises during operation? It’s true, but this sounds like it should not bother you at all. When a rumbling sound or noise can be heard, it’s most likely that you’re missing a leak in the air ducts. You can ignore it otherwise your situation worsens.

Should chemical biocides be applied inside air ducts?

Depending on your air-duct cleaning needs, a professional will suggest that they have to apply biocidal chemicals to your duct to kill bacteria and fungi. Depending on what services duct cleaning services are offering, they could suggest ozone for biologically harmful purposes. Ozone is an extremely reactive gases which are controlled in the exterior air as lung irritants. However, there is still considerable debate about whether or not to add ozone or biocides to the ductwork. The use and safety of ozone and biocides in air ducts have been investigated by the federal government.

Do sealants prevent the release of dust particles into the air?

The manufacturer claims it can protect the surface of air pipes by blocking odor and dirt from getting into the atmosphere by applying sealant to the duct. Like with biocides, sealants may be sprayed on the operating duct system. Lab tests indicate materials introduced in such a way usually do not completely coat duct surfaces. Applications of sealants might affect acoustic (noise) and fire retarding qualities of fibre glass coated ducts and can invalidate manufacturer warranties. The question is whether sealants are useful or not, and why.

Does duct cleaning prevent health problems?

It’s just that everyone isn’t knowing about it. Some ducting is contaminated badly and can be harmful to health. The ducting systems may help distribute the contaminants throughout your home. A cleaning duct can be an effective solution. The light dust that can be contained within the ductwork can be normal. Cleaning your ducts isn’t required in a routine maintenance routine that includes regular cleaning of drains or heating & cooling coils. Regular filter change is performed, and annual maintenance is performed of the heating equipment.

In the meantime

Ensure that your service provider does not use chemical biocide to treat your ductwork. Some service providers can try convincing you your ducts are contaminated by showing that bacteria grow on settling surfaces – petri dishes. Thats a mistake. Several microbes remain in the air, and growth is normal on settling sheets. As mentioned previously, only a professional may determine whether a substance is a bioactive growth molecule. Similarly testing is unreliable.

Are duct materials other than bare sheet metal ducts more likely to be contaminated with mold and other biological contaminants?

Some folks know of air duct construction made out of sheet metal. Typically, modern homes are built with fibreglass duct board or sheet metal ducting, which are lined inside with fibreglass duct lines. Several new duct systems are currently being used for piping and air conditioning in offices. It is now possible to reduce the amount of heat in a room with the insulation material. Flexible ducts are inexpensive.

Air Vent Location Not Optimal

Locations! Ventilation vents in closets are not well insulated and provide a warm air flow that can cause problems with the air conditioner. The same goes for furniture that blocks the airflow in the ventilation system.

Therefore, this damage may significantly reduce the lifespan of an HVAC system. Nothing great! Let’s take a closer look at improper installations. If you suspect the ductwork is improper or is faulty the problem can cause serious heat or cooling problems. Take the problems that you are experiencing as an indication of an upgrade in your ductwork system or ducting.

Bad takeoff placement

Air moves through supply plenums and in ducts to takeoff when they move, and directions change. Airflow is limited to turning at high speeds. We want a gradual turning because our progress is very fast. Airflow remains similar. Typically, the air flow will return if the air direction changes in ducting – approximately 24 inches. Ideally the take-off is 24 cm from turn-ons, transitions or the endcap.

Air Ducts Cleaned

If you’d like to schedule an appointment to have your air ducts cleaned, or even if you’d simply like more information about the air duct cleaning process, contact us ! We look forward to serving you.

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