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Is there a 12V air conditioner in RVs?

Air conditioning in RVs is an important issue, particularly during the summertime. For those that like to stay off the grid and camp as often as possible, a power supply is an advantage we are enjoying. Can we use our electricity-hogging appliances like our air conditioner on our campsites? That was tough even on RV solar panel systems. I’d prefer 12v cooling systems in the RV. Using an electric generator in the air conditioning unit is one way of dealing with cold temperatures, but it doesn’t fit with the peace RVers seek in the country. Traveling in areas that don’t oppress climates is one more method of reducing heat.

What are the disadvantages of a 12V RV air conditioner?

12V conditioned air has suffered a cost reduction because of their high electrical power output. They use a huge wire connection to their batteries to be required. This alone may cause a voltage drop or a decrease in power consumption. In addition, because 12V air conditioners require high voltages, you may also need an enormous battery bank. Inverter-charger converters can also be inserted into conditioned air conditioning units to remove the energy from the battery.

What are the advantages of a 12V RV air conditioner?

In traditional AC units using 120 V power, the voltage at the batteries’ banks has to change from 12 V DC to 120 V AC electricity. It may lead to ten % reduction of energy losses. The 12-volt conversion can be unnecessary for an HVAC system. So, 12V air conditioners use less energy than 12V air conditioners. 12V AC units operate when engines and generators are ON. You can also use an RV Air Conditioner on chilly nights and not listen to the noisy generator.

How does a typical RV air conditioner work?

RV air conditioners use 120 V power supplies. The RV must therefore either have shore power or a Generator, or use battery banks and inverters which can handle the power requirements of a large solar array which can recharge or offset the massive power required for a particular operation. It is mainly for people who prefer to go bondedock. The problem with generating electricity is noise, exhausting power and consuming fuel.

Just chill with a Coleman RV Air Conditioner

Coleman’s cooling fans are really a ticket that will help keep you cool. Get a great air conditioner that will last a lifetime. It is not surprising Coleman RV air conditioner is rated for its efficiency. Do not get a bit of sweat under your shirt.

Also, we have the Advent RV air conditioners that was just released Spring of 2011. Stay cool these hot summer months with one of our RV air conditioners. Having a working air conditioner is important in your RV, especially if you travel in the summer months. We offer both Dometic and Advent 13500 BTU air conditioners .

What is a 12V RV air conditioner?

The 12-V air conditioner is basically an air conditioner with only 12V power required. These batteries are on board. Cooling devices running 12 V DC power have a highly efficient compressor which is specially engineered for 12 V current.

Are there 12V RV air conditioners currently on the market?

Although not widely available yet there are some 12V AC RV air conditioners available today. It is powered through highly efficient compressors that operate completely on 12 V electricity. We will see them later on.

Rigid/Campelify Micro 12V Cooling System

These units offer different approaches to cooling small spaces. It is actually a small refrigeration cooler kit with a Mini R134a compressor. The package consists of a condenser driveboard, evaporator, fan heat exchanger and mini rotary compressor with capillaries. The 12v AC cooling system uses a Vacuum compressed technique to cool a room inside. This system has only 125 kW of cooling and can provide maximum 10 amp (150 watt). This system can be easily installed on smaller vehicles such as camper vans, or camping boats. The manufacturers say the cooling unit can cool a space of approximately 30 cubic meters.

Indel B

For North America, Indel B sells four models of 12v cooling systems. SW Oblo sleep-in air conditioners are available for cars with an output of 900 BTUs. It has 12 or 24 V voltage options. It’s designed for easy installation in the hood of any industrial car’s roof hood. The SW Aircon 1600 is a 24V DC roof-mounted cooler with 550 watt cooled capacity (600 Watt). The SW Cube is a truck-mounted 950W 12 or 24 volt cooling system that can move easily between cars or RVs. It does not require installations and no holes are drilled into a wall or roof area.

Nomadic Cooling

The company offers two 12 volt air conditioner models: 2000 & 3000. The 2000 model has a 75-amp compressor running at 3- 5 watts in fan mode, 30- 40-amp in ECO mode, and 55 watt / power / maximum at 85 watts (and more). It consumes significantly more power than the Dometic unit but has a cooling capacity of 9230 bTU, a reduction of 6824 bTU for the Dometic unit. It would be ideally suited to cooler a larger living area as well. This will be considerably more expensive. The 2000 12v RV AC model costs $4190 in white in black.


Dometic RTX1000 or RTx2000 12 Volt AC units were designed using a 24v AC unit that had been already used throughout Europe. Dometic calls the vehicles “Truck Air conditioning systems” because they are originally adapted from vehicles for the use of car park cooling units. The intent was to prevent truckers leaving their trucks running for hours to cool their cabs. The following photos are from our own photo gallery showing you side views of Dometic RTX2000. The RTX1000 is nearly the same.

How big of an air conditioner do I need for my RV?

Typically the RVs are available in length, width & height. You will need around 60-70 MBTUs per square foot. What is Good AC for RVs? That will probably cost twice as much in air conditioners if they are used with AC or central air.

The leading low-profile RV air conditioner, the Penguin II Rooftop Air Conditioner is a powerful cooler. With its ultra-low profile, this… High performance motor and fan deliver powerful cooling performance Accommodates ducted or non ducted cooling $1,377.33 – $1,802.82 Coleman-Mach Deluxe Non Ducted RV Ceiling Assembly (9430D7153) 0 # mpn4646189107 Coleman-Mach – Deluxe™ Non Ducted RV Ceiling Assembly by Coleman-Mach.

Will a portable AC unit work in an RV?

The portable cooling solution will keep RVs warm while traveling as much as a portable. Rigs size varies based on many different options. They’re safe.

It is designed to be a quick installation on the roof hatch of all industrial vehicles. The SW Aircon 1600 is a 24V DC roof-mounted cab cooler with 5,450 BTU (1,600 Watts) of cooling power. The SW Cube is a 950W 12V or 24V truck air conditioner that’s portable and can be moved from one cab (or RV) to another. It requires no installation and no holes cut in the walls or rooftop. It’s a stand-alone unit that’s designed to sit in the cab, with its aeration hoses set in a window.

Are RV air conditioners 110 or 220?

Typically, air conditioning in RVs uses AC electricity. Power comes through 120V outlets that plug into built-in generators.

With a two-speed for a more efficient control of air flow, easy installation, and powerful cooling power, it’s no wonder the Coleman RV air conditioner is one of the most popular units on the market. Don’t get hot under the collar – let your RV AC be work hard for you when you need to chill.

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