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RV air conditioner: Guide to buying and maintaining

When someone buys an RV it is unlikely that anyone would have any concerns regarding the type and size of the RV AC that was installed. Most RV owners want to find the most effective way to run their air conditioners and how to install them in their vehicle.

Since all RV and motorbikes have their own AC units, you can always check your manual for the best advice. Almost all newer vehicles have online owners guides that help owners to easily locate all common AC issues in RVs.

The Quiet RV Air Conditioner is NOT silent

Please do not mistake the situation. The place remains tranquility. However, we aren’t completely silent. They’re quiet out there. When the compressor starts, the noise is heard with low frequency.

But everything was tolerable. There’s nothing in a similar place to it a few years ago. Our trips are generally 3 to 5 days a week and are often very hot. We have to work with RVs several hours a day because we have deadline-driven jobs.

I’m not sure how quickly RVs heat themselves when their ACs are turned on. And so many times we thought we were at home in an outdoor sauna while doing audio interviews in an RV. The noise of our old RV was so loud it didn’t matter.

Installing the Quiet RV Air Conditioner

It’s easy to install. This company removed the AC and replaced the sealing on the new one. This proved to be the most expensive piece of construction as the cement needed to construct a weather-resistant seal took around 4 hours of driving. After the installation of this device, the units were set up and connected together.

I decided to retain my Soft Start accessory from an earlier RV which reduces the heat gain when the air conditioner compressor is on. SoftStart RV allows me to charge my AC on a 20amp household meter. Click here for more info about this new RV softstart.

The Quiet RV Air Conditioner fits almost any RV

This unit has been tested on most RVs from Class B to Prevost buses. Advanced RV’s installation team has noticed 2 problems. We had Dometics which had heat pumps. This silent motorhome air conditioning doesn’t have heat pumps.

This feature is something we never actually needed, anyway so this wasn’t really important. The old air-conditioner in the Wonder RTB RV had an LCD display. The new device won’t connect to this panel. The remote control this device. The problem was never with our cooling system, neither was the noise and efficiency.

Does the Quiet RV Air Conditoner live up to its name?

When we went home on Friday, it was the second time Jennifer was back. I switched on my computer. It shows the temperature the device is set to. How do I stop this from happening? I know that.

The test for us is if the trailer is able to produce video footage while the AC is off. The fan has two settings – low and high. Low the sound is not even heard in front of our 25-foot tower. It’s undetectable with a mic when we do stand-up videos in the gallery. Previously, we had to completely shut off the AC to get an audio recording.

Where we got the Quiet RV Air Conditioner

First, I’m going to tell you we’ve bought and installed this unit ourselves. There are no sponsored articles on this site. It was an enormous upgrade and we think that some RVers will find it interesting.

But we don’t have the money to pay for it. We own everything. This Quiet RV air conditioner – as it is marketed as – was installed by Advanced RV in Willoughby, Ohio, which makes its own high-end Class B vehicles as well as some upgrading for other RV models.

Maintenance and troubleshooting tips

Before attempting to install a conditioned vehicle you should check the warranty plan on your RV. When your RV AC is under warranty contact a warranty center to see what steps can be taken to help your AC system.

You may need an RV AC manual for instructions on a simple maintenance procedure. Likewise, make a note that whenever you use electric devices, take precautionary steps for the safety of your workers and avoid a possible accident.

The unit is Whisper-Quiet

What prompted us to buy this upgrade is hearing a new unit installed for a PleasureWay RC. B.. The couple visited Advanced RV last week to install a silent air conditioner for the RV. Hearing AC convinced me. Our previous system was so loud we could no longer talk in our RV. If AC was on it would not be necessary to watch television. The air conditioning wasn’t loud enough to make us sleep. If we needed AC during the day, it was loud.

Another huge plus for the Quiet RV Air Conditioner

What makes the quieter RV cooled air conditioner so much different is its re-hydration mode, which requires more energy than the cooling mode. People with many years experience with this device say running AC in this mode greatly reduces the humidity, thereby making them feel very much more comfortable. Have you heard that summertime slogan? I think this is true. Reduce humidity, and the unit keeps the temperature up.

Making the trip to Willoughby

It’s Wednesday. I slept at Willoughby – a suburb east of Cleveland – the day before and spent the night at the factory. It has more than 30 parking spots for customers, including a 30-amp hookup. I came out and didn’t care about the leveling. The angled side of my parking spot has a sideway twist and makes it hard for me to get into sleep. Non-stop trains sped through the city. I am glad to see them soon.

How to choose an RV air conditioner?

RVers do not always have the option to purchase an RV air conditioner. The manufacturer generally chooses its type of AC unit according to the size or the price of the rig. Owners wanting something different from what comes standard need to call the dealer or RV services department and ask about replacing or repairing a RV AC. RV AC should be the best choice when choosing an AC unit. RVs have limitations.

How RV A/C Maintenance Makes Camping Better?

Keeping an RV well kept and maintained is important to ensure it is durable and can last a lot. This involves cleaning your RV’s interiors as well as the appliances. The simplest appliance for maintaining an air conditioner is your AC unit, meaning that RV maintenance must be reflected on your list at least every six months. What are the basic info for RV AC maintenance? This is what I need.

Types of RV Air Conditioners

Once you determine the parameters that may need adjustment, then you must decide on a model unit that best fits your system. Almost all of the AC systems in RVs are ductless or ducted, however do not overlook the new technologies — the portable AC units are a compact AC air conditioner gaining popularity within RVs.

RV air conditioners vary by cost, and the brands are different. Pricing depends upon your area or intended use. Choosing a perfect Air Conditioner isn’t always a wise investment in the market for a Class A motorhome or truck. Some excellent brands are currently:

Make sure you have enough power

RVs use very little electricity to operate. It’s mostly used at startup to run compressors. When the air conditioner starts without enough power it will eventually cause damage. Therefore, it is forbidden by law to operate a computer-based AC outlet that has a maximum voltage of 15 or 20 amps.

Atwood RV air conditioner

Atwoods air command units were reported to be quieter than rival air conditioning units. The thermostat can easily be controlled using a smartphone remote control from any location inside the RV.

The air conditioner is light and simple for RV installation and economical. The RV is characterized by its high quality design that will withstand the challenge that comes with RV environments.

It is the best-selling RV AC unit that produces a maximum cooling capacity of 2 kW. This product is designed for easier starting in hot and humid environments.


Ductless units are often located in RV – tops, behind tables or under the windows or wall opening. Ductless systems blow air out of the air conditioner using vents. Multiple vents. Typically the vents can be easily opened and closed and force air in larger spaces of a vehicle.

Ductless units contain compressors, condensers and blowers, which are contained within air ductwork and ductless units operate as heat pumps. The typical type of air conditioning is a ductless window air conditioning unit on the floor or under-cabines and is also available in two sizes.

The ductless air conditioner allows a vehicle to be controlled by more than a single unit of cooling air and move the air across the roof and walls, controlling temperatures throughout the RV. Air conditioning units for rented RVs typically sit beneath RV roofs.

Best RV Air Conditioner

RV AC unit up and running properly — it’s a hot one out there! Use this guide to find the best RV air conditioner for your rig. And once you do, list it on Outdoorsy ! When you’re not using it, plenty of renters are yearning to cross an RV road trip off their summer bucket list.

Most RV air conditioners are rooftop air conditioners that are installed overhead. Make sure to install an RV air conditioner that’s highly compatible with your specific RV model. For example, a rooftop air conditioner will to fit the shape of your RV’s roof.

If you want to buy one of the best RV air conditioners available on the market to avoid wind resistance, buy an RV air conditioner that has a slim and low profile.

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