How to Fix a Broken Space Heater

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Space heaters have become an invaluable part of life in today’s world. They’re used for radiating and retaining warmth inside tightly cramped spaces, such as homes or offices- but they can also cause problems if not installed correctly!

The best way to avoid this hassle is by taking time beforehand so you know what type will work well with your space requirements (electrical space heater vs gas space heaters), how much electricity costs per hour could potentially go up due to their high demand while running continuously daylong without stopping too often) And lastly; would rather DIY or call us at Las Vegas AC Repair to get it fixed quickly and easily.

What is Wrong with my Electric Space Heater

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The electric space heater is a very common type of heating element used in four-season countries around the world. One problem that can arise with this staple appliance, however, is faulty components such as the fans and other miscellaneous parts which may cause it not to work properly or give off excessive heat – risking fire hazards if left unchecked!

Common problems with a space heater include:

  • The space heater cannot be turned on.
  • The space heater doesn’t give off any heat.
  • The fans or other parts of the heater break down.

In some severe situations, a malfunctioning space heater might also release a dreadful electric shock or illuminate in a mess of fires and also shedding plastic, thus confirming as both a fire and security hazard to any individual near the heater.

This can be incredibly dangerous, especially if a youngster or family pet is roaming nearby when the heating element breaks down or takes off.

Hence, you have to first identify the major underlying problem that has actually caused your heater to break down prior to resolving the problem.

My Space Heater Won’t Turn on

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Failure of a space heater to switch on is among one of the most typical issues, and among one of the most typical reasons is a stumbled circuit breaker in the house’s circuit box or breaker box. Space heaters that draw 1,500 watts of power– which is a whole lot– often overload home circuits, and also if the breaker continues to trip, you either need to get rid of other house devices from the circuit or connect the heating element right into a various circuit. A stumbled electrical outlet also cuts power to the heating system circuit, so if the breaker hasn’t failed, examine the receptacle where the heating element is connected and also reset it if needed. If that receptacle hasn’t stumbled, look for an additional one in your house that has. Even if it remains in another area and even outdoors, maybe on the very same circuit, and also resetting it might bring back power to the heating element.

You can constantly check a receptacle to see if it works by plugging in another home appliance, and also if the device powers on, you’ll know you can look in other places for the issue. For example, the loss of power in the heating element may be because of an electric problem in the power cord, in the electrical socket, or in the electric space heater itself. Check the cable for damage, as well as if you’re making use of an extension cord– which isn’t suggested– attempt changing it for another one. Be sure your extension cord is rated for even more amps than the heater’s amperage score; an undersized cord is a major fire threat.

It’s additionally fairly very easy to remove the incurable panel cover, which may be on the back of the electric heater or below, by loosening a few screws with a screwdriver so you can inspect the power cable links. Tighten them if they aren’t soldered or replace the power cable (preferably) if it’s damaged. You need to also inspect the power switch to ensure it’s firmly attached to the electric heater.

The Space Heater Smells Bad

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Preferably, electrical space heaters need to be odor-free, so if you smell something burning when the heating element begins, it’s typically triggered by dirt on the component. This usually burns away after the heating unit has gotten on for some time, however, if it proceeds, it may be because of gunk on the burner from a spill or a few other crashes in the vicinity of the power source.

After gaining access to the aspect by getting rid of the front grille or dismantling the electric heater, you can usually cleanse this crud with a moist cloth or one dampened with a solvent, such as alcohol. If you have a ceramic heater, make sure to clean the ceramic bordering the elements in addition to the components themselves. Set the power switch in the off placement as well as disconnect it from the power source prior to cleansing. If you utilize a combustible solvent, offer the solvent adequate time to evaporate before connecting the heater back in and also transform it on.

Read the Manual Before doing any Repairs

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Offered a variety of readily available designs as well as functions, it is very important to familiarize yourself with your new space heater by reading the owner’s manual, as well as you must do this before plugging it in and turning it on. See to it you recognize what every button and also dial is for as well as when to utilize it, as well as if you acquire a heater with an LED display screen, familiarize yourself with the mistake codes than can appear there.

As an example of why this is essential, consider a heating system with a programmable timer. If you don’t understand just how it functions, you may be annoyed when your heating system doesn’t turn on right away, as well as you may think of some inner breakdown when all you require to do is disable the timer. Similarly, if the heating system isn’t heating the room completely, it may remain in a low-power setting, as well as if the heater has an LED, this may be shown by a symbol you might not acknowledge if you have not read the manual.

How to Take Apart my Space Heater

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You can do this by reading the manual of the heater and seeing the guide below on how to fix most space heaters.

As an example, if the electric heater unit can not be activated, you need to make certain that the circuit breakers within the heater system are working and also there is power being supplied to the system in a consistent fashion.

Similarly, if the heating unit does not create enough quantity of warmth to heat up your treasured cubby opening such as the living room, you will certainly need to do a quick check of the heating elements to make sure that they are hot and also beautiful.

To properly examine each area of your electric heater to ensure all the sub-units within the inside are working in tandem with each other, you may need to dismantle your heating system first.

There are two types of space heaters out there, the Radiant electrical heater and the convective electrical heater. These two require different steps in taking them apart.

For radiant electrical heaters you want to:

  • Put on plastic gloves and turn off the space heater with the power switch.
  • Unplug the heater from the power supply and let it cool down. Do not try to fix it while it is hot.
  • Once the electric heater has cooled down you want to get a set of pliers and begin removing the electrical leads on the space heater.
  • Use the pliers again to rotate and remove the nut that holds the whole thermostat together. Set the thermostat aside once you have it removed.
  • It is also important to know that some switches in some space heaters are held together by either clips or screws. You are gonna need either pliers or a screwdriver to access the switch

The convective electrical heater is pretty much identical to take apart as the radiant heater, they include:

  • Put on rubber gloves and unplug the power cord from the power supply.
  • Allow the heater to cool before taking it apart.
  • Once the casing is cold then you may slowly take it apart.
  • The control knobs and the rear grille need to be taken apart first.
  • The back grille can be removed by slowly unscrewing the screws on the grille.
  • Then after you can uninstall the grille in the front.
  • You can test all these sections one by one. But make sure you remove the thermostat and disconnect the wiring connecting to anything that might be dangerous.

Once you’ve efficiently dismantled your space heater, you will certainly be able to observe which parts of the space heater are broken and also need to be replaced.

Sometimes, specific parts of the heater might require to be replaced, or a new space heater might need to be purchased.

But if a straightforward repair service is required, you might have the ability to do it on your own without excessive headache.

Repairing or Replacing a Space Heater

Just as you need an electrician to manage complicated electrical issues, you require a service pro to detect and repair the wiring inside a space heater. If the heating unit has actually been allowed to get too hot, the major control panel or a few of the firm links may have weakened, and also repair service could include changing these parts. Taking into consideration that the typical space heater expenses less than $100 and that a solution pro fees practically that much by the hour, you’re usually better off acquiring a brand-new heater if points reach that factor.

If you need more help repairing blown fuses, internal wiring, or anything with your circuit breakers call us today at 725-777-2698 or get in contact with us for all your heater needs.

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