Price of Amana Air Conditioner

price of amana air conditioner

Price of Amana Air Conditioner

The price of an Amana air conditioner varies depending on the model and capacity. Generally, Amana air conditioners are priced competitively with other major brands in the market. As of my knowledge cutoff in 2021, the cost of an Amana central air conditioner could range from $1,500 to $4,500, while a mini-split air conditioner could cost between $1,000 to $3,500.

Portable air conditioners are typically less expensive and could cost between $250 to $800. However, it’s important to note that prices can vary based on location, installation costs, and any additional features or upgrades. It’s best to contact a licensed HVAC professional or Amana dealer for an accurate price estimate.

Amana Central AC Unit Prices | 2022 Updated Buying Guide

Amana Corporation was founded in 1935 and its current ownership belongs to Goodman Manufacturing company, that purchased it in 1997. The company’s AMana brand is famous for its high performance product and excellent client services. We want to offer our products at reasonable prices. Amana AC units are therefore a great choice for consumers looking for products that have high-efficiency ratings.

Amana is one of the HVAC manufacturers that voids warranties on systems purchased online. Be aware that if you buy an Amana air conditioning unit online, it will come with no guarantee unless it gets installed by a local professional who follows all local codes, laws, and licensing requirements.

Amana Brand Air Conditioner Review & Buying Guide

This Amana Air Conditioners review contains the best models prices, SEER ratings, features, warranties and other information. The review of Amana’s air conditioning products explains their strengths as well as areas where improvement can be achieved. In addition, a panel will discuss the owners of Amana and other brands that are similar. Get a fast and easy quote today!

Often, these local codes will impact your system cost by influencing the efficiency, sound or underlying technology of the Amana brand heating and air conditioning system that you purchase. Your Amana brand dealer will install your new heating and cooling system that meets all required codes. Inquire more with an Amana Dealer Amana® brand has spent over 80 years manufacturing cutting-edge air conditioning & heating products, as well as household appliances.

Amana air conditioner prices

During the heat of summer the heating is muggy hot. Investing in the new Amana AC Units by GSHA Services, Ltd. may be helpful in preventing any unpleasant weather caused by malfunctions of old AC units. We install Amana air conditioner and many more brands. See the above Amana cooling costs. The installation cost for the smallest available unit is $4900 to $9900 for the Condensing Unit with coil. During cooling load estimations, the size and type are needed for the right size air conditioning system installed in a house.

Frequently asked questions How much does an Amana air conditioner cost? The price of an Amana central air conditioner depends on the model and size you choose. A 2.5-ton unit ranges in price from $1,310 to $2,950. Window air conditioners range from $174 to $719.

Amana AC pricing by unit

The cost of Amana models is estimated based on the most common AC and coil sizes. The unit includes a 2.5 ton condenser inside an evaporation coil. This pricing doesn’t even cover the installation of an air conditioner at the residence. This is a simple air conditioner cooling and the SEER numbers shown depend upon the unit being linked to the appropriate evaporative coil and handle evaporator unit.

However, these prices do not include an air handler or furnace installed inside the home. These are simply air conditioning and cooling systems, and the SEER numbers you see are dependent on the unit getting paired to the proper evaporator coil and air handler. Prices vary according to the unit size The cooling zone is an approximation calculated on the basis size of the area that gets cooled.

Prices vary according to the unit size

The cooling zone is an approximate measure that calculates the area where the cooling occurs. Amana Competent Contractor will calculate the size of the cooling system that will fit your home. The system will be measured and the heating system size will suit your needs. Amana is an HVAC manufacturer which will not void a warranty if a system is purchased online for the price. Be careful when installing Amana air conditioners as they can not be guaranteed when installed without the help of a local expert.

Temperature and humidity management are higher with a two-stage unit than with a single-stage machine but cannot compete with the climate administration of a variable capacity air conditioner like the Amana AVXC20. ComfortBridge communicating software is offered on three models that conclude in the letter “c,” which stands for talking.

Amana ACs – What’s Available?

Amana produces eight models. Modifying AC – means there will be variable capacity compressors on board. The second type is two-phase AC units. These five have one-stage models. Generally speaking it has products very similar to brand Rheem and Tran but smaller in size than Bryant and Lennox. Here are the eight Amana AC central model and specification tables. The company also supplies products labeled Clean Comfort air quality as accessories for AC splitters. These include filters, dehumidifiers and a number of different air purification and cleaning equipment.

In addition, the comfort speed technology enables the system to deliver the precise amount of cooling required to achieve the thermostat’s set temperature. As practically no energy gets lost, Amana’s most efficient method is so far. All Amana ASX air conditioners have blowers that operate at “full blast” anytime you turn them on. Enhanced comfort Another term for interior temperature control is comfort management.

Amana air conditioner models

Amana offers eight central air conditioning systems and air conditioning units. Currently the model ranges between various models including:

  1. ASXC18: This central air conditioner has a SEER rating of up to 19, making it highly efficient. It also features a two-stage compressor for better temperature control and a high-density foam compressor sound blanket for quieter operation.
  2. AVXC20: Another high-efficiency central air conditioner, the AVXC20 has a SEER rating of up to 24. It features a variable-speed compressor and a ComfortBridge control system for precise temperature control and energy savings.

Cons – Problems with Amana ACs

Communicating technologies may cease communicating and the problems may become more difficult. One of our readers, KB shared a story about Amana communicating technology: “I have an Amana 4 tons AC Communicating System with Comfortnet that is ten years old. Each year there are problems with missing communication errors. Check out this guide for communicating or not communicating before utilizing the latest technology.

Types of Amana air conditioners

Amana can supply any AC unit for any house in any budget. Amana’s air conditioner lineup includes:

  • Central air conditioners: These are designed to cool an entire home and are installed as part of a larger HVAC system. Amana offers a range of central air conditioners with different cooling capacities and energy efficiency ratings.
  • Packaged air conditioners: These units combine the air conditioner and the air handler in a single cabinet, making them ideal for homes with limited indoor space. They are available in both gas-electric and heat pump models.
  • Mini-split air conditioners: Also known as ductless air conditioners, these units consist of an outdoor compressor and one or more indoor air handlers. They allow for individualized temperature control in different zones of the home and can be a good option for homes without ductwork

Amana Air Conditioner Prices by Size

In our price tables, our choice is an average-and-popular- AC — the Amana ASXC16 two-stage air conditioner that also includes communication technology. Prices range from $750 to $900 more when using the communication option as well as thermostat controls. The Central AC BTU calculation software gives you the correct sizes for your needs. It includes factors including insulation and temperature.

It also comes backed by Amana’s value-tier warranty, which provides excellent coverage. And like all other Amana air conditioners, this unit has features and design elements to protect important components and ensure the longevity of the unit.

Does Amana have the SEER rating you want?

Air Conditioners are produced in decent sizes of SEER ranging from midefficiency models with SEER of 14 and ultraefficiency models with SEERs of 24.5. The recommended age group in Canada is 16 to 18, but AMana has not many choices in this category. Currently there is a single price-tier single-stage model and a premium two-stage model with SEERs in the same range. Depending on the condition of a home the air conditioner can not be effective at cooling it effectively. All of these items require much lower SEER but they don’t require any additional cost.

LTD Amana Air Conditioners Installation, Replacement And Maintenance Choosing the right Amana air conditioner is important for your comfort. GSHA Services, LTD will perform the appropriate load calculations so we can make sure you purchase a unit that is perfect for your home.

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