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Portable air conditioning units have not yet become as reliable as its names suggest. But for people that have no central air or windows air conditioner, they can get a portable air conditioner. The AC is quieter and much stronger and generally easier to use than the two dozen portables we tested in 2016 and the hundreds that we searched.

Why you should trust us?

From 2013 to 2016, Air Conditioners have considered and tested air-cooled equipment in general and evaluated portable systems particularly. Across 125 days, our research team spent over 125 hours studying and testing the whole area and spent dozens of hours on the portable device. Almost 175 different portable models were evaluated with more than 20 different options available. We have visited manufacturers at exhibitions and events, consulted sources during interviews for years and searched volumes of energy materials for AC efficiency standards.

How we tested

In an intense summer week, we placed the winners into an approximately 250 ft room. The finalists took notes and rated them according to performance, basic setup processes, portability and general experience with the models. Portable cooling units are required by the manufacturer to report performance data as well as performance data which we found in our previous testing to be accurate. In the pre-screened tests each model had a good chance of cooling a home effectively.

Buying options

Midea Duo MAP 12S1TBL is a very quiet and reliable portable air conditioning device we tested, but these are not the only differences. The Duo is among the rare portables featuring variable compressors that enable temperature control and more efficient power consumption. It is generally cheaper than many other inverter models. Our most recent new dual-hose model, the Duo features an innovative patented “hose-in-hose” design that allows the exhaust and intake hose hoses to be placed together within one large hose.

Who this is for?

If the heating is not centrally operated, you should first look at window AC systems or mini Splits that are usually less costly. Window AC is not available in every room and some window types are also very costly and complex. If your scenario is the same, a portable air conditioner can make your life sweltering and comfortable. It is, however, necessary to have windows on portable air conditioners as vent outlets.

How we picked it up

We were looking to choose a portable AC that was capable of providing optimum cooling efficiency in addition to a relatively quiet operation. The candidate was screened for cooling performance using the unbiased rating provided. One primary measure was seasonal adjusted cooling capacity – a US Department of Energy calculation that represents standardized average cooling capacity for various tests.

What about dual-hose models?

Since 2018 we have started to compare single-hose models to dual-hose models using the same criteria, so that no model has been rejected because of the number of hoses. We were able to ultimately focus on one-swivel portable models despite undergoing extensive research. In 2019 and 2020, the double hoses of most of the major manufacturer’s models are still largely unknown. Owner review shows that many prefer single-hose models as they are simpler to setup and do not look like giant octopus trash sculptures.


Midea’s portable air conditioning system is equipped with an incredibly quiet design. In the case that air conditioning stops working accidentally, it automatically restarts if electricity is reconnected. It also provides Sleep well and Follow-Me functions. Model: MAP12S-1BWT.

Fan And Dehumidification Functions

Air Conditioner, Cools up to 175 sq. ft., Works as Dehumidifier&Fan, Remote Control&Window Kit Included EasyCool The Midea Portable Air Conditioner, ASHRAE rating 8,000 BTU (5300 BTU 2017 SACC standard) delivers fast, effective cooling for spaces Up to 150 sq. ft. while simultaneously providing fan and dehumidification functions in any home, bedroom, office or cabin; creating a relaxing and comfortable environment.

Adjustable Window Brackets

Its 24-hour adjustable timer can cool a room to a temperature between 62°F-90°F and has 3 modes to choose from – cooling, dehumidification, fan only. EASY INSTALLATION: Roll your air conditioner to the preferred cooling area, attach the 5ft hose and adjustable window brackets (fits openings from 26.5-48“), turn the unit on and let your cooling begin. An exhaust hose and window kit are included, no extra tools are needed for assembly.

Do I need to drain my Midea portable air conditioner?

Yeah. The water accumulates in the drainage tank. It evaporates and then flows in vapor from the exhaust tube. Sometimes, a tank needs to be draining in humid conditions.

EasyCool Delivers fast, effective cooling for spaces Up to 150 square feet while simultaneously providing fan and dehumidification functions. Easy Operation An easy-to-read LED display and includes a compact remote control (batteries included) to easily set the time, temperature, and mode. Easy Installation Attach the 5ft hose and adjustable window brackets (fits openings from 26. 5-48“), turn the unit on and let your cooling begin! An exhaust hose and window kit are included.

Does a Midea air conditioner have a drain plug?

The air compressor can be used to blow out the dust from inside your unit as needed. To empty evaporators, remove caps/return plugs. Use a pan for collecting excess liquid.

Upgrade Your Airflow: 3 Ways to Smarten Your Ceiling Fans by Jennifer Pattison Tuohy Unlike central air, which cools rooms, ceiling fans cool people directly. And a ceiling fan with smart-home controls is even more efficient and convenient. Edit Wirecutter Wirecutter is the product recommendation service from The New York Times. AC fan is a type of electric fan that uses air conditioning to cool the air. It works by drawing in air from outside, cooling it, and then blowing it into the room.

Is Midea portable air conditioner energy efficient?

Midea Duo coolers are significantly faster using relatively less power than traditional portable units. Its consumption is 40% higher than the federal standard. Maximal cooling, minimal noise. Midea Duos sound level can drop from 0dB in cold temperatures.

Bought a Whynter dual hose second and returned it in a couple of days in July of 2022. There was no way to run the fan continuously in cooling mode. It’s not efficient if the cool air is not moving. Bought this one, and we are happy with it. I have a couple of critiques, but overall, we are very happy. Pros: With the weather stripping provided, and the thick window panels, and only one combination hose.

Is Midea a good AC brand?

Midea Window Air Conditioning The Midea MAW12V1QWT is the best-reviewed air conditioner on Amazon, gaining 4.5 stars out of more than 10,000 reviews. The software comes with the standard 8000 BTU version and features smart functions that can be downloaded using a companion application.

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