LG Portable Air Conditioners

LG Portable Air Conditioners

We spent a week testing this portable AC unit in a normally hot and sticky cabin. Here’s what we found

In the Midwest, four weeks of my life I am afraid of. These few winter months when temperatures rarely exceed 2 degrees. And the dogs days of summer when temperatures go up to 105 and the sweat is on my face as I take out the waste and grab the paper. I’d choose the polar cold because it’s possible to layer and get sweaters or down jackets whenever. However, heat waves often provide little to no option. Take some time for some relaxing or just relax outside in your home and enjoy the cool air. I thought about trying an air conditioning system.

What is a LG 7000 BTU portable air conditioner?

7000 BTU AC Portable Air Conditioning is an air conditioning, dehumidifier, and fan unit. It has an adjustable fan speed with an automatic restarting system and is able to start and stop the machine automatically when a power failure occurs. It’s bright white plastic covered with beefy steel about 26 inches in length. Tall. Approximately 17-1/4in. The width was approximately 55 pounds. It’s also easy to use with an easy-rolling caster. The big digital touchscreen displays an indicator light that controls fan speed and time.

How we tested it

As we had the holidays ahead of us, I travelled up north to our home. LG claims it will cool rooms as large as 300 feet but we want it tested on 200 sq.ft. of room. Is this really the case? Room as well as 550 sq.m. f. Rooms of residence. I also planned to experiment with the LCD control, the timer and fan mode.


We entered into blistering heat with steam in the cabin. I already felt sweaty when I inspected the directions and assembled the ventilation system. My screws and sharpened scissors helped me get it tightened and secured. After installing the LG portable acoustic fan a decent cooling speed was maintained in this large living space, nearly twice the recommended size. The user-friendly remote was very handy when adjusting things a little like temperature or fan speed, but it was, however, short in the distance. In the morning we put the machine in the room so we could sleep easily.


Maintenance for the LG Portable Air Conditioning 7000 was also simple and only required two components. A dashboard light signals the time to change two air cleaner filter types. Simply put them on and rinse and dry and put back on. Another: Drain off any condensation. Two spigots in front of the air conditioner empty the dehumidification system. Always attach drain hoses or empty the tank frequently.

Do LG portable air conditioners need to be drained?

Certain situations, including weather, setting, and usage may require that water tanks be drained. When the climate is humid for long periods, excess water can accumulate too rapidly in the water collection tank to be recycled. When very humid, the tank can be frequently drained.

How long does LG portable AC last?

How many years Does a Portable Cooling Unit Last? From five years. The portable air conditioner can last between five and ten years. Portable AC units could be moved in rooms and generate 8000-1700 Watts of cooling energy.

How often should I drain my LG portable air conditioner?

In an unassailable environment, it may take up to a month to drain the AC system. However, in an extremely humid room it may require draining air conditioners as often as 8 times. Portable air conditioning must be maintained regularly for optimal performance.

LG Portable Air Conditioner

Cool down your room, office, apartment or warehouse with multi-purpose systems designed to last season after season. Find popular brands like the LG portable air conditioner with 3-in-1 operation settings like cooling, dehumidifying or fanning. Auto features make it even easier to find the right settings for each room. Circulate air with the press of a button on models that include remote control setting options.

LG Electronics USA

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Multiple Fan Speeds

Programmable Timers: With the ability to schedule your portable air conditioner, you can start cooling your space before you arrive home, or run your portable ac throughout the night for more comfortable sleep. Multiple Fan Speeds: With a range of fan speeds to choose from, you can get just the right amount of cooling from your portable ac to suit your needs.

LG portable air conditioner: LP1419IVSM review

Insider will earn a commission on purchases made via this website or other sources. Find out how! Summers get tough without ACs. It can not be installed in the bedroom because there are windows and I have spent many nights sweating in the cold. Fortunately portable cooled units are becoming popular because they can be easily installed and fit most windows types and sizes. I learned a bit more about portable ACs as I reviewed 12 model lists. My tests were objective, but my need to fix an incredibly hot bed was very personal.

This LG Portable Air Conditioner Will Help Get You Through the Dog Days

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