Is Air Duct Cleaning a Waste of Money

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Do you think you should have your air ducts cleaned?

If a person has asthma that causes them to feel uncomfortable, you may need to have their air conditioning duct cleaning. However, unless you experience any health issues, cleaning out ducts may appeal in your favor.

Additionally, the air in our air vents must be cleaned. Yeah. I’m not sure. Although some duct cleaning services claim duct cleaning should always be a good idea, there is no evidence that it is beneficial. Many companies that perform duct cleaning promote the health advantages of duct cleaning and also claim it helps lower your electricity bill.

Is Air Duct Cleaning a waste of money?

There can be many fake contractors looking after air-conditioning and plumbing, and can be very frustrating. They appear promising but customers complain that they’re not happy with what has happened. If airduct cleaners are really wasting money, it’s important to find out.

Air Duct Cleaning: Scam or Worth It? – Today’s Homeowners

Air duct cleaning has been gaining popularity over the past decade, and businesses everywhere are offering cleaning services. What makes these services worthwhile? How can we clean our HVAC ductwork?

Our customers regularly ask for help with airduct cleaning. Yes, and it doesn’t mean you don’t get it.

Air Duct Cleaning Services

Professionals using vacuum cleaners specialized in cleaning supply and return ducts in homes use specialized brushes. Duct cleaning can include cleaning air handlers, registers, grills, fans, gearboxes, housings and coils in the HVAC equipment.

No studies indicate that routine cleaning of your ducts improves airflow and removes the build up of dirt from inside your building. The fact that faulty HVAC equipment and components can be damaging can make the system less efficient – and it’s a fact. While duct cleaning is no necessity at the moment, cleaning the HVAC system can make a good job of it.

How do I know if a Duct Cleaner did a thorough job?

The most efficient ways to inspect heating and cooling equipment are visually. Some companies use remote photography for documenting conditions at ductwork. The entire equipment should be visible; there shouldn’t be any trace in your eyes.

Provide the customer checklist after removing the contaminated substance to the contractor before the start. Once you have completed the task, tell the service provider how to update the components to ensure it is complete. Those questions that you did not answer may indicate that the task had problems.

Suggestions for choosing a Duct Cleaning Service Provider

The company providing a cleaning service can look at the Yellow Pages under “Duct Cleaning” or call the National Air Duct Cleaners’ Association (NADAC) with the address listed on page 2 below.

No duct cleaning company has an equal level of expertise and responsibility. Tell a couple or three service providers before deciding whether or not you need your duct cleaning done. If the service provider comes to the place of work ask him for proof about the contamination that could warrant duct cleaning.


The information on cleaning air piping is only in its initial stage, so a general recommendation is not possible. EPA urges all Americans who want to read this document to read it fully. It isn’t shown that cleaning the drains is effective in preventing diseases.

There are few scientifically conclusive studies that suggest dust levels are elevated from leaking HVAC ductwork. The reason air duct dust is often buried in a surface on the ductwork is that it can’t get into the room.

How do I prevent Duct Contamination?

When cleaning air vents, it is important to implement a proper routine for prevention. The most powerful air filters recommended for you will help prevent a leakage into the heating and cooling system. Change the filter often.

If the filters become blocked, update it often. Make sure that no filters remain or that air can’t escape through holes in your filter housing. When you need your heating system checked or replaced, be sure the technician is cleaning the cooling coil.

Should I have Ducts Cleaned?

As the indoor environment is deteriorating, homeowners can be convinced of the need for cleaning of the pipes. But even though the ducts are dirty, it shouldn’t be cleaned. The Environmental Protection Administration takes similar actions and only advises the clean-up of all contaminated ducts and HVAC systems. Cleaning of ductwork is not painful. However, this does not require any frequent maintenance.Home Maintenance Lists. Most of the time, it is not necessary unless

Tell me the best way to clean air ducts?

The benefits of air duct cleaning are largely unknown to most. As the conditions at each home are varied, there is no general consensus on the effectiveness or the necessity of cleaning a duct. If none of your family members have allergies or unidentified illnesses and a physical examination of the inside of ductwork shows no signs of the ducts being contaminated with dust or mold. It can be normal when the return register gets dusty when air is pumped into it.

Other important considerations

It is not proven that vacuuming actually helps in preventing disease. There’s not much research to demonstrate that particles in ductwork increase after being cleaned. Many air duct materials adhere directly onto duct surfaces so they cannot penetrate into living areas.

Dirty air ducts are just one source of dust in the home. Polluants in the home from outside and indoor activities, like eating and drinking, can be more harmful than dirty air vents.

Benefits of HVAC Cleaning

The cleaning of a broken HVAC system will require the services of an accredited HVAC technician. The removal of air duct debris also provides air quality advantage. It is becoming increasingly important that people think about how they breathe indoor air as it affects their homes and businesses. If a human breathes heavily or smells dirty air, it can’t be cleaned. EPA says the chemicals can be cleaned only when it is contaminated.

What is air duct cleaning?

In today’s society, it’s clear that indoor pollution has become more important. Some firms offer services to improve your indoor airflow. You’ve probably seen ads, received a coupon or even been in direct contact with someone offering to clear your air vents to improve your home’s air quality. This service generally ranges in cost from $450-$1500 per heating and cooling system depending on the service provided and the type.

Is Air Duct Cleaning Worth It?

Having large amounts of dust on air pipes could be related to deteriorated efficiency. Typically, a filter on the HVAC system can be blocked to help maintain an optimal temperature. Air duct cleaning is typically expensive unless the duct is full of bacteria, fungus or other debris. As this is $300 – $500, it is possible for you to do a DIY system inspection as well as general maintenance for your HVAC equipment.

It is generally not recommended to spray water directly onto an air conditioning unit while it is running.

What should I expect from an Air Duct Cleaning Service Provider?

The service provider should open the ports or doors for cleaning and inspection. Check systems before cleaning for contamination in the heater/cooling systems. Asbestos contains chemicals that require special treatment and cannot be disturbed or taken apart by anyone but specially equipped workers. Use vacuums that exhaust particles from outside the home or use only HEPA vacuums if they exhaust in the house.

Tell me the best way to clean a system?

It would make a lot sense for people with a health condition to know how air duct cleaning can improve efficiency. A dirty air pipe component, such as the air handler, the cooling coil or motor can affect HVAC systems. It is therefore important to check all air ducts for issues that will help improve your HVAC system running smoothly.

Air Duct Cleaning: What to Consider?

There are two significant issues which may influence an air vent’s decision: a large obstruction or high dust accumulation. It’s important that air flows through your conduit much faster – even in the absence of obstruction. A severe blockage in ductwork can increase energy costs in the short term. Warning signs are as follows:

The Truth About Duct Cleaning

How can I clean the drains when our customers request this service frequently? We feel this is nonsense for our customers. There’s no evidence indicating that a thorough cleaning of all ducts will improve air quality. EPA officials even conducted tests on a duct cleaning process. They conclude.

Tell me the best way to clean a toilet?

It’s possible to call duct cleaning services when family members are sick regularly. There is a real need to have clean air in your home. Can cleaning your air vent really make it clean? Are ducts really wasteful? We’re going to explain why our services are not available for duct cleaning.

Air duct cleaning services can be used to maintain an HVAC system – thereby providing cleaner air quality and lowering energy costs. What is an effective way to clean ducts? How can you know if it is worth cleaning the equipment?

Clearing out obstructions is certain to improve the efficiency of your HVAC systems overall. You should follow these simple steps.

Please allow us to give you some alternative ways that you can get cleaner air.

Upgrade To A Speciality Filter

Some air filtering products are a good choice for replacing the existing AC. Many houses use a 1-inch filter, which must be changed monthly. The AC systems were upgraded to allow for a 5 inch filter and Trane® CleanEffect filters to be installed.

5 inch filters have a greater area and provide two important advantages. First of all it allows filtering air particles from air while reducing airflow. Secondly, they are required if they change each 3-6 months rather than monthly. Other options include Trane® CleanEffect filter.

Install a Reme Halo device

While air filters remove particles, you may need a different technology such as Reme Halo devices for your virus, bacteria or mould treatment. It’s possible for Reme to insert a Reme Halo device into existing pipework.

After installation the system distributes ionsized hydroperoxide molecules. Hydroperoxides are used in a chemical reaction against bacterial mold and dander. This also charges air molecules it touches and binds together, which allow the filters to easily remove larger particles.

A word of caution about high MERV filtering

It consists of a unit measuring the effectiveness of the filtering system. As MERV ratings increase the higher particles are filtered out. In fact the MERV filter could also decrease the volume of air in the system. It causes problems with static pressure on the air conditioner. This limitation of airflow can damage a home or make it uncomfortable. If you are unsure about your new air filter please phone Protech at 725-777-2698.

Indoor Air Quality

here are also benefits in removing debris from your air duct system, such as good indoor air quality. There have been a growing number of concerns about indoor air quality as many home and business owners are worried about the air they are breathing.

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