Is Air Duct Cleaning A Ripoff

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Do you think you should have your air ducts cleaned?

If you have asthma or allergies, you may consider cleaning your ductwork and furnaces. Although it is not difficult to clean ductwork you might feel a sense of relief. After all if your duct system is clean all your air will be clean. Okay, nope.

While most duct cleaners claim cleaning ducts are crucial for their health, there is no evidence to show this. A company performing duct-cleaning often offers health benefits and suggests duct-cleaning reduces the power bill.

Air Duct Cleaning: Scam or Splendid Service?

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Air Duct Cleaning: Scam or Worth It?

Air ducts are becoming popular and commercial cleaning is becoming a regular service. Are these services good and not scams? Let the professionals know what is needed to remove ducts from your HVAC appliances.

Many customers ask us for the cleaning of our air ducts. No. And it isn’t just to avoid doing it but in many instances it’s not beneficial for you.

Air Duct Cleaning Services

Professional air duct cleaning service utilizes special blowers, vacuuming tools, and brushes to remove air ducting from your residence. Ducts can include thorough cleaning of air handlers, registers, grilles, fans, motor case, and coil systems as well.

No studies show routine duct cleaning improves air quality and reduces dust from your homes. It has been shown that dirty HVAC systems may cause poor performance in your home or business. While duct cleaning does seem unrecommendable, it is possible, in some circumstances, cleaning an HVAC system or ductwork is a useful procedure.

If your AC unit is leaking water while running, it could be a sign of a few different problems. The most common causes are a clogged condensate drain line, an overcharged refrigerant system, or a failing evaporator coil.

HVAC Articles

What is the efficiency of a cooling system? What is the best method of keeping a ducted air conditioner working? This article can answer any question about heating, cooling and ventilation in your home.

Have your travels been in humid conditions? You could find that your hair dangled and your skin felt softer, but it seemed that you were sweating much more. The body uses the moisture of air as a way to make you sweat and cool you down. Continue reading » If a duct is leaking or needing repair, you just need to know what the signs are?

How do I know if a Duct Cleaner did a thorough job?

Ensure that your heating and cooling system is properly cleaned. Certain providers utilize remote photography to monitor conditions at ducts. All areas should look clean and no one will see anything.

Provide a post-cleaning checklist for consumers with service providers before work commences. Upon completion of a job, ask for a professional to explain all of your systems components so that your job is performed in a satisfactory manner. It could signal an issue with the job when your question doesn’t match the list.

Other important considerations

Toilet cleaners have not actually prevented any disease in humans. No study has proven that particles are higher in homes from the use of faulty ductwork or from cleaning. Generally speaking dirt is collected from air ducting because the dirt doesn’t enter the house.

Dirty air vents are merely one of many potential contaminants in homes. The pollution from outdoor and indoor activities such as cooking, cleaning, smoking or even just walking around the house may result in contaminated in a higher proportion.

How do I prevent Duct Contamination?

Whether your HVAC system needs cleaning, the HVAC system is a crucial aspect to prevent ducts from leaking. Use high quality filters to eliminate mud in the air that is used in your heating system or your cooling system.

Change Filter frequently. I have e.g. If the filter is getting blocked you must make the changes more often. You should make certain there isn’t a missing filter and air cannot bypass filters in a hole in the filter case. Heating/cooling equipment is cleaned and the air is flushed.

What should I expect from an Air Duct Cleaning Service Provider?

Depending upon the service provider, it may need: Open doors and port openings for cleaning the system and inspecting the whole system. Check systems and equipment before they get cleaned so they don’t get asbestos in their systems (for example insulation, registration boots etc).

The removal of asbestos requires special procedures and should be carried out by only highly qualified and trained employees. Ensure vacuums exhaust particles out of homes or use only high performance air vacuums.

Air Ducts and a Home Warranty

Do you ever see dust or dirt on your walls right now? Yeah, inside your walls! Can anyone explain this to me? If you think dirt accumulates inside your ducting system you are absolutely right. HVAC systems and pipes often accumulate dirt and dust in the homes.

However, removing dust and dirt from the air ducts doesn’t require any cleaning up. Some would say air duct cleaning companies scam people for money! Landmark Home Warranty examines duct cleaning as part of a comprehensive service.

Suggestions for choosing a Duct Cleaning Service Provider

For information about cleaning of ductwork, please see our Yellow Pages under “duct cleaning” Or call the National Air Duct Cleaning Association (NADCA) by email at the link above and click.

Do not assume all cleaning companies will have the same knowledge or responsibility. Ask a dozen different service providers for an estimated cost before getting them cleaned up. During their inspection, ask the provider what contaminants would be justified by cleaning the ducts at home.


Knowledge on duct cleaning has just arrived and no blanket opinion can be provided on the proper cleaning of your home’s air ducts. This document provides valuable information regarding environmental protection for consumers.

Toileting can never actually cure a problem with a sanitiser. No studies prove that particle pollution increases due mainly to faulty air ducts. The dirt in air ducting adheres to the ductwork but doesn’t necessarily enter the home.

Should I have Ducts Cleaned?

As air quality issues continue to grow, it can be difficult to convince duct owners of the need to be cleaned. But if ductwork is extremely dirty it doesn’t make sense. In its view it also recommends cleaning contaminated ductwork and HVAC equipment only.

If done correctly, duct cleaning is not harmful. There is no requirement for maintenance schedule. Most of our air conditioning systems are clean, but the ducts and ductwork should remain a clean one.

Tell me the best way to clean air ducts?

It is difficult to determine whether air ducts can be cleaned properly without proper training. Different homes are unable to determine whether air conditioning is necessary.

If you have not experienced any allergies or health symptoms, or have a health condition that can be easily diagnosed by an inspection of the outside air ducts or the air filter. The return register is dusty when dust is drained into the grate.

What is air duct cleaning?

The majority of people know of the rising threat of indoor air pollution. Some companies promote their products or services which improve indoor air. You probably saw an advert, received an offer or had your HVAC system cleaned in a timely manner. This service usually — although not always — varies in costs by heating and cooling system, depending on services offered by them.

Tell me the best way to clean a toilet?

When family members get sick regularly, you might consider calling an air duct cleaning firm. It is your ultimate wish to clean up air in the house. Is cleaning air ducts a real way to improve air quality? Why is it expensive to clean ducts? Tell me the reason for the absence of our duct cleaning services.

The Truth About Duct Cleaning

Why do we not offer duct cleaning when some of them ask for it regularly? We think it’s wasteful. It isn’t clear whether cleaning out your ducts can actually be cleaner. EPA researchers conducted research to assess air duct cleaning effectiveness. This was the conclusion:

We will provide you with better solutions for cleaning your Air Flow ducts.

Upgrade To A Speciality Filter

It’s possible to install a new system of air conditioning with air filters that will provide the airflow you require without compromising efficiency. Most homes are equipped with one-inch filters which are needed every six months.

Pro Tech can change your AC to use 5 inch filters. A 5-inch filter has larger surfaces delivering two major advantages. First of all, the particles can be removed by filtering the air with no restriction on the airflow in the room. It also requires changing at least once every 3-4 months rather than once every month. Another solution is Trane® CleanEffects filters if needed.

Install a Reme Halo device

As air filters remove dust particles from the air, it is necessary to use an additional device like the Reme halo device for effective killing viruses. Reme Halo can be easily installed on existing pipes. Once incorporated, the device diffuses ions from the hydroperoxide. Hydroperoxide molecules attack a wide variety of airborne pollutants. Alternatively it charges air particles it touches and helps your air filters absorb the particles that have grown.

A word of caution about high MERV filtering

MERV Measures the efficiency of a filter. The higher MER V the larger the number of particles filtering out of the air. However, a highly efficient MERV filter can reduce the airflow of this system. This reduced airflow can affect your cooling system’s static pressure. It may cause damage to the system and cause the house to feel dreadful. If you need help with the selection of the best air filters, please call Protech at 725-777-2698.

Air Conditioning System

The Basics Air ducts connect your heating and air conditioning system to the rest of your home. While dirt, dust, and other allergens can accumulate inside on occasion, significant build-up—enough to cause health issues—is rare. In fact, the EPA recommends only calling in the air duct cleaner

Dirty Air Ducts

Here is what they concluded: “Duct cleaning has never been shown to actually prevent health problems. Neither do studies conclusively demonstrate that particle (e.g., dust) levels in homes increase because of dirty air ducts. This is because much of the dirt in air ducts adheres to duct surfaces and does not necessarily enter the living space.

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