How to ruin an AC unit

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How To Ruin An AC Unit

The air conditioner provides us with a relaxing cooling environment. If you have a unit that doesn’t function correctly it is easy to feel annoyed. But wait, you don’t have a new AC. What happened when you stopped working with us? It could be that your cooling device is not working. Unfortunately, not all of these can be fixed by expensive repairs.

Aside from thwacking it with an axe or baseball bat not that easy to outright break, with intent, your central air conditioning system.

Fan problems

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The fan on air conditioners blows air through the evaporator coil for cool air, while another fan blows air through the condensator to absorb accumulated heat from inside the building. Whenever this fan doesn’t function properly, it can cause poor air flow and cooling difficulties. Unless the issue has been ignored the compressor may be causing a failure, which may result in the loss of the air conditioner. Therefore a timely cooling system maintenance in Las Vegas is highly necessary if you are experiencing fan problems. Reason: Fan failures occur from faulty motors, worn belts or inadequate lubrication.

Installing an Incorrectly Sized System

The air conditioner is now equipped with an extremely efficient energy rating. The air conditioner needs to be tailored to a particular household condition to be used effectively. A system larger than required temperature can easily reach thermostat settings and cycle on and off frequently. Air conditioning will waste energy and increase your bills. A constantly switched cycle is liable to damage the device. A system too small can also have to work very hard to keep comfort, and may last longer. Utility bills and the need for maintenance can be inevitable.

Thermostat problems

It could be that if a thermostat has faulty calibrated dials it doesn’t receive the correct instructions. This problem can be resolved by adjusting the thermostat or by replacing it with a newer version. It is more likely for humans to make a mistake in setting programmable thermostats. When you have the thermostat manual you can check the directions for proper thermostat settings. I’m not sure why? If your thermostat has an electronic manual, please see the instruction to make certain the temperature setting for the thermostat is correct.


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The outdoor AC compressor loses its airflow and energy efficiency because leaves, mud, and debris accumulate on the surface. This is due mainly to a leaking ductwork in air conditioners. Similar to the dirty filters the compressor works harder to achieve the same cooling results. Debris can settle on the coil of the AC unit. Clean ductwork creates insulation. The unit will not be capable of transmitting warm heat to the outside. Check your AC compressor before putting it out of place or following an extreme weather event.

One way to try to unclog the line is to connect a shop vac to the drain line outside your house and suck out any grime.

Neglecting AC Maintenance

Malnourished maintenance can cause system damage. If you are constantly using a machine, mainly during Summer, wear can be seen in several parts. From belt to motor, your cooling system will ultimately fail without proper and regular maintenance. Worn system parts could decrease energy use and costs. For optimal protection for ACs, schedule professional AC service every yearly. Our spring maintenance service is recommended yearly to prepare the system for the summer months.

Frozen evaporator coils

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Evaporator coils in air conditioners are loaded with air conditioners that absorb heat in the air. It may be strange to some people, but this coil needs circulating warm air in order to function properly. When an electrical system is damaged or the cooling coil becomes cold it will create an ice layer inside. The heat or no heat is there. If you need professional air conditioning repair services in Las Vegas, please call.

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