How To Install Windows AC Unit

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How to Install a Window Air Conditioner Unit

How can a house beat hot weather? Tell me the easiest way to install air conditioning in your windows.

Choose a window that is wide enough to fit the air conditioner unit. Make sure the window is strong enough to support the weight of the unit and that it opens and closes properly.

Measure the width of your window opening and then measure the width of your air conditioner unit. Make sure that the window opening is wider than the air conditioner unit, so that it can fit properly.

Secure the air conditioner to the window frame with screws or brackets, depending on the type of air conditioner you have. Make sure to use appropriate screws and brackets for your particular model.

Plug in the air conditioner to an appropriate power outlet. Make sure that the circuit breaker is not overloaded with too many appliances running at once.

Installing a window air conditioner is an easy way to keep your cool

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Family handyman Step 4 Install the air conditioner Some window air conditioners are quite heavy you may need a helper. With the window open, lift the air conditioning unit into the window opening until the wings are even with the window jamb , centering it in the opening. Family handyman Lower the upper window down on top of the air conditioner, holding it in place.

Size the Room

Depending upon the window the air conditioner comes with several dimensions and cooling capacity ranging between 5000 and 5,000 BTU British thermal. It is common for people in homes in the US to require at least 20 BTU for cooling their home. Also a 12×16 foot. It is recommended that the room require air conditioners rated at 4,000 BTU (12×16 = 190 x 20 = 3,840 BTU).

How should you decide if a new air conditioning system should be purchased? The most typical size window air-conditioned units for rooms between 300 to 1,600 square feet are essential to choose an adequate cooling system to cool the room.

DON’T assume you’re permitted to install a window unit

While the majority of Single Family homes have the option of installing the AC in windows, it’s advisable to check with management or the HOA before investing into the property. Often the buildings do not permit window air conditioning for aesthetic purposes (these aren’t the most attractive features on building exterior).

Keep the Outside Out Pull the side curtains out to the edges of the window frame to keep bugs, moisture and hot air from entering the room. Check the manufacturer’s instructions for directions on screwing or clipping the curtains in place. Expanding the curtains will help seal your room, but it’s not a substitute for insulation.

Open Window and Clean Sill

Open the windows and slide the bottom sashes up and back. Remove screens if necessary. Take an inspection of the sill below the door when closed. The base of an air conditioning unit will be in the position after installation so this slot is important to keep anything that might hinder its secure position.

Take these tips to safely, simply install a window air conditioner and keep cool this summer

Photos by If hot nights with no central cooling can cause you to lose comfort during summertime, look into installing a unit with windows. It is relatively easy to install an acoustic air-conditioning unit in windows by following the following tips. Your job will be completed safely and quickly and you will soon say.

Not every A/C fits every type of window. Not sure what type of window you have? Check out our Window Buying Guide . Most units work only in double hung windows with a bottom sash you can raise and lower. Also, measure the width and height of the window opening to confirm whether an A/C will fit.

DO prepare the window and install brackets, if necessary

Before installing windows AC remove screens from windows and wipe windows and windowsill. Take measurements and draw the perimeter with a pencil. Air conditioning must sit securely on windows without additional supports. However, very heavy units (the heavier units over 100 lbs) may also need further support and some places require mounting brackets on window air conditioning units. The support bracket is normally available in separate packages.

Then lower the bottom window sash until it rests on the A/C and securely against the top flange. Good to Know Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for positioning the unit to ensure that condensation will drain properly.

How to Install a Window Air Conditioning Unit

Anyone could install air conditioner windows on their own. The unit is quite heavy, and we recommend you get help if you can’t put it securely into the window. Is there an idea that can be done? Download the tool for installation.

Cut the cardboard along the dotted line to remove the box and reveal the AC unit. The back of the window AC unit will contain aluminum fins, and they’re sharp. They’re also easy to crush, which will reduce the AC unit’s effectiveness. Ensure yours aren’t crushed and be careful when removing the unit from the box.

DON’T attempt installation without a helper

Window air conditioning is normally 50 – 50 pounds in weight, and the process of maneuvering the device into the window and locking them into place requires specialized help. Installing windows ac can be dangerous to you. You may accidentally throw it out of the window. Are you needing support? Get a free, no obligation estimate from a professional in your local area.

Almost all such appliances are designed for a double-hung window, meaning there is a fixed upper pane and a lower pane that slides up and down. Sliding windows that move from side to side, and casement windows that tilt outwards to open, aren’t options for these air conditioners.

DO attach mounting rails and side panels

Usually window units are equipped with rail-mount tops and bottoms that keep the air conditioner secure in the windows. Alternatively use the included screws to attach the mounting brackets ensuring that the screws are tightened completely.

Next, mount the panels with accordion design and slide the pieces around the grooves. Once installation begins, the panel will cover the gaps between the AC and side windows. After installing the mounting brackets and sides, pull down the unit with a partner to place them in the window.

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