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Best Garage Heaters for Winter Warmth

How can garages help you extend your home and create more room? In recent times, many people find comfort within garages. During the past decades the structure has evolved from the home gym to the hobby workshop to the distant social place of gathering and the cinema.

Best Garage Heaters

Temperature drops make it difficult to tinker around your car. There’s more than comfort, and it matters for safety too. When working with tools and working in a vehicle for a repair job, you should be sure you hold your hands securely and use them correctly.

Best Smart Home Garage Heater

You can also control a smaller infrared heating system using this heatstorm infrared. How often should a person turn on the heater after a sleep pause? Check it out on mobile. Do you need to heat up your workplace to begin working? Start with a download.

The Heat Storm is a wall mounted heater that keeps the device away from a crowded space and the 120 V plug allows for quick installation. The manufacturers do not specify the BTU’s. According to the energy consumption however the smarter heater should be okay for a garage with just enough warmth to reduce the heat loss. Buy Now.

Best Garage Heater for Two-Car Garages or Cold Winters

If you have an enormous garage that requires significant heating or cooling, consider purchasing a heating device with bigger blowers and hoods. The Modine Hot Dawg ceiling heating system has high operating efficiency combining comfort, ease and safety.

A heating system heats most garages while saving valuable floorspace. These heaters do not let you play Tetris while you’re utilizing cord-powered tools. Connect this unit to an automatic thermostat and keep your room warm overnight. Typical disadvantages include noise and installation costs.

Make sure to use your garage heater safely

When using your heater, you must ensure its safety which varies based upon the types of heater you have. Heaters burning fuels emit carbon monoxide. Some models can vent the harmful gases out, which is notably difficult to install.

In contrast, a vent-free water heater is easy to install and also keeps the heat stored, but it’s necessary that the homeowners find their own way out of it, and keep the garage door on during the working hours to avoid condensation in the garages. This heater remains safe if used correctly.

Which garage heater is right for you?

As you may see, garages vary in design but one major difference is their power consumption. A heating system consists of three types: electric or fuelled; or the combustion process can be carried out using combustible fuel.

Like all home appliances, every option comes with a unique advantage and disadvantage. Price influences the decision on purchasing garage heating, but it cannot be the only factor. Generally speaking kerosene / propane furnaces are less than cheap, however emit carbon monoxide.

Buying a Garage Heater

Installation of the best garage heating system in a warm weather could help turn your garage into an easy to use and comfortable DIY retreat. Keep your storage area cool and keep things from freezing by simply using heat output.

Heat outputs are calculated using British Heat Units or TUTUs; choose a unit of appropriate size for your garage. Sizing is complicated, and the following overview of HVAC sizing will give you an easy start.

Our Top Picks

The following list the best products selected for exceptional quality in the above mentioned categories. The list is divided into different sections for your garage heater. We did the testing on each of them so we had the most information on their products.

This electrical heater can be mounted permanently to the floor and walls of a vehicle or on walls. It is either hard wired into a house’s electrical system or is fitted with plugs for 30 ac outlet plugs.

Best mobile garage heater

This kerosene-fueled heater comes equipped with a power off switch. This vehicle is capable of running for 14 hours without refills if needed. At 20 pounds, it will move easily, but the weight isn’t too heavy to tip over easily.

How we tested the best garage heaters

We tested the heater’s performance on a number of levels. The units are then pulled from the boxes and placed in order as specified by the manufacturer. Some were unable to install their legs, hangers and wiring.

It was noted that both were based on the type of heater: gas and 220-volt heating systems will probably be more complicated. All of the heaters then had to go through re-testing. We switched each heating unit on and let the garage warm up a little bit.

Best Value Garage Heater

If you are concerned about your budget, this Pelonis 1 500W heater would make a good option. It has 120V and generates 5,000 Btu power. It is also a little too hot in the car and will warm you in the kitchen.

This radiator heater has the oil filling and gives steady, even heat. The oil is not used to generate heat; this heater is a closed circuit which can only be turned on when necessary.

Best overall garage heater

The Heatstorm 600-watt garage heater is capable of producing as much as 20,000 pounds, ideal for garage installations. It produces significantly more power than the earlier Heat Storm and warms more than 500 square meters.

Wireless technology allows for easy monitoring via an app. Unlike smaller Heat Storm models, it uses 240-V power and requires special wiring in an isolated electrical system.

What is the most efficient heating for a garage?

Before buying the garage heating unit, proper insulation is critical. Having the garage heated is a waste of energy. Consider extending the wall insulation. Propane garage heaters provide good performance for cost effectiveness as well as ease of use. The cost is higher than the costs to build a propane garage heater but these heater systems have fewer operating costs than a traditional electric heater.

Best Garage Heater for Single-Car Garages or Temperate Winters

Whether your heater heats a small area or just takes off some air chills, get a mid-sized electric heater. It is rated as an electrical unit for walls / ceilings of about 500 square metres 240 v. The company estimates that this car is 17060 BTU, perfect for a single-car garage. The fan allows for the circulation of air and raises temperatures faster. Purchase Now. 4.

Learn the ins and outs of garage heaters, find out what features to look for and see which models are top performers

The photo was taken in a garage by a DIYer / Hobbyist / Hobbyist. During the day it is possible to store tools and to complete several projects even in cold weather. Luckily, a garage heater is capable of easing chilly chills. Selecting the best garage heater varies by many aspects like size, fuel, portability and key safety features for garage.

Best Garage Heater for Warming Car Engines

How do I heat up my garage? Using a heating engine can keep your motor hot enough that the engine starts quickly. Get one for your automobiles, or get one universal heated mat. Usually these are suitable for Diesel engines and for cars that are not regularly driven throughout the winter. Buy Now. 3/9. Visit or Amazon.

Our verdict

The Electric Floor Heating Unit by Comfort Zone provides a compact and efficient heating solution. The cheaper 755320 Ceramic Space Heating System is able to provide oscillating power and quiet noise levels, but may be more useful to those on a budget.

The right garage heater can make all the difference whether you use your garage for storage, vehicle parking or DIY workshop

All editorial products are independently selected, although we may earn an affiliate commission from buying items through these links. Rating and price are true if stocks are available as of date of publication. 1/8 Kyly Gorlov/Getty Images.

What to consider when choosing the Best Garage Heater?

Take some time before choosing your heaters to install in your home to find out what your needs are and what they are worth. This product offers several security features to keep you safe during use in a hot water room.


Garage heating is relatively quick to install. Portable garage heaters must be placed and supplied with fuel or electrical power for their operation. However, garage heating is harder to use.


In addition, there is an extensive array of energy options available to buy garage heaters. Typically powered by power, propane or natural gas, the heater is sometimes driven by diesel or gasoline. Since electric garage heaters generate large volumes of heat, this usually requires an individual circuit in an electric circuit.

A professional electrician knows if current garage wires will work well with electrical heat pumps or if new circuits are needed. When natural gas service is already provided in homes, it can be installed using natural gas heaters.

Heat output

Garage heaters should produce sufficient warmth to be comfortable, without compromising your budget. Gas heating is measured by the British Heat Unit or BTU. Gas garage heaters typically have a power output between 12000 and 20,000 BTU.

When trying the calculation of the heating capacity from electric heaters the average heating area can be around 10 – 1 square foot. A room measuring 100 ft requires a heat pump with 1000 watts for full heat. Most heaters advertise a maximum floor area that is adequate for an 8-foot ceiling.


It is important that safety is an important factor in choosing an efficient garage heater. As part of a larger effort to ensure safety, the garage heater has added safety options, including insulated surfaces, overheating protection, and auto shutoff.

How to choose a Garage Heater?

When purchasing garages, consider which kind is best for your garage, its fuel sources, and its heat output. Learn how you might choose a particular option.

After insulating your garage and making sure you have proper venting, the cheapest way to heat it is a propane heater. Propane is a powerful and affordable heat source that doesn’t require the installation of a gas line like natural gas heaters.

Garage heating safety tips

If a garage heater is not properly installed, it can cause a hazard. Below are some tips that should be taken into account when using space heaters.

Electric Garage Heater

Fahrenheat Best electric garage heater Fahrenheat FUH54 Heater Electric garage heaters are typically seen as not being as powerful as their fuel-burning counterparts, and while it’s true that a gas heater or liquid fuel can provide stronger heat output, the right electric heater.

This type of heater produces similar heat to that of a natural gas heater, except it has a propane tank. Propane tanks require refilling, so unless you have an extra tank on hand, you could be left without a heat source until you get a refill.

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