Is the Furnace too Large for the Ductwork?

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Furnace To Big For Ductwork

In terms of furnaces, bigger does ‘t necessarily better. An overly large furnace could result in premature replacement, which would require the homeowners to spend a lot higher for a heating system. Before reaching that stage, homeowners face some issues. Heating the room can damage the entire HVAC system. This compromises occupants’ comfort. The air in the house suffers. In addition, they face higher energy consumption and unnecessary repairs. Unfortunately purchasing large system systems is a costly error that is often re-used all too frequently. Find out what Heating Install Services do in the area.

oversized furnace

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In many cases, larger furnaces are not the only options for you. Oversized furnaces can stifle airflow, irritate your home, and cause severe damage to its health and maintenance. When a user wants the system to perform better, then their “better” should be. If your heating unit has been overly large it is likely you are facing problems. Not only do you have health issues and need heating but the costs can be higher than you had planned. Your heating unit will no longer work the normal way. It can affect your comfort level in your apartment, and the quality of the air inside.

Furnace Size Research, Standards, Data

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This research is especially aimed at improving furnace size when replacing old and oversized heaters with a new, higher-efficiency furnaces. In fact, high-efficiency furnaces are less vulnerable to oversizing than conventional heating systems, according to the report. It tests furnaces of 85% to 50% size and a maximum of 1200% capacity respectively.

This can cause excessive wear-and-tear and prematurely age the components. Your energy bills may go up – the constant on/off of short cycling uses more energy, especially at start-up; additionally, the extra operation will eat up energy quickly.

An Oversized Furnace Causes Your System To Short Cycle

The temperature readings on thermostats reading too much heat are high. As consequence, your furnace will stop heating your house too fast. The problem has been described by short cycling. If the system is repeatedly replaced it wears down which requires more service repairs. Your furnace will need replacing very soon based on its size and shape. Short bicycle riding increases your house heat costs.

Not only is this a problem for your health and heating, but it may also eventually end up costing more than you counted on paying. Your heating system will not last as long as it is expected to. Your home comfort will suffer and you will have issues with your indoor air quality.

Oversized furnace & temperature imbalances

It is important to know the area close to the furnace will receive heat quickly, and further away the place is colder. If you can see this difference between rooms, it’s likely that your furnace has a larger size than it should. Read about heating service.

Oversized Furnaces are too loud & noisy

The furnace’s huge size isn’t the most obvious cause of a loud system. Noise is a nuisance, not just a nuisance.

Overly complicated furnace installation

A large furnace is extremely difficult to install. If a home’s furnace needs extra repairs, they’ve got extra repairs to do. The Heating Connection needs adjustment or relocation. The costs are a little bigger. Often your home has ducts that don’t fit the dimensions of the heater. Then you have to replace the ductwork.

If you are looking to heat and cool a garage a mini split system is an excellent option. Mini splits are ductless systems that consist of two parts: an outdoor condenser and an indoor air handler.

Furnace heat exchanger

some heating service companies and manufacturers will point out that the short-on heater cycle can create such thermal stresses on the furnace heat exchanger that it will fail by cracking, leading to both an unsafe condition (risking flue gas and dangerous carbon monoxide leaks into the occupied space) and a shorter life for the heater.


A furnace consumes extra energy every time it starts a new cycle. It takes the furnace about two minutes to produce enough heat to trigger the furnace fan to turn on and deliver heat to the home. Then, once the thermostat is satisfied and signals the furnace to turn off the burner, the furnace fan runs for about another minute to remove excess heat from the heat exchanger.

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