Ways to Fix a Broken Heater

A broken heater can be an inconvenient and expensive problem, but it doesn’t have to be the end of the world. When winter hits, it’s impossible to find your home’s heating system broken. Some things may not seem that great but it’s possible that homeowners can resolve themselves. When electric heaters or just your circuit breaker goes out it isn’t the end of the world if you just call a professional heater repair company to help you get back up and running to get you your warm home. With some simple troubleshooting and maintenance tips by us at Las Vegas AC Repair, you can keep your heater running smoothly year-round without any hassle. This page shows a couple of ways, how to repair the heater in your house.

When the fan is slow or the heat is weak

When an electric heater blowing fan is too slow or the heat is too low — or even you clean the heater before it is blocked by physical damage—the circuit voltage may not meet the required heater voltage.

Test the Thermostat

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If all else fails, turn off your gas valve—or shut off the circuit breaker for your HVAC system for a few hours and let things cool down. Then try turning it back on again. If it works fine after cooling down, you may have a blown fuse. Just remember: Always call an electrician when dealing with electricity. It’s never worth risking your life just to save a little money!

Check for Leaks

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In an ideal world, you’d always make sure your heating elements are in tip-top shape before turning them on. Unfortunately, we don’t live in an ideal world—especially when it comes to an electric heater or any type of gas furnaces. If you’re experiencing significant cold or hot air coming from your heater system, check for leaks. You can do so by checking behind radiators and under floorboards. If you find signs of damage, contact a professional plumber right away. The longer you wait, the more costly the heater repair will be. And even if there aren’t any visible issues with your current heating elements, it doesn’t hurt to get a regular maintenance checkup.

Signs Your Heating System Needs Repairs:

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There are many different warning signs that indicate your heating system is malfunctioning. It could be as simple as seeing cool air blowing out of vents instead of warm air; however, other issues may require more complex repair work that involves extensive diagnostics. If you notice any of these symptoms, it’s time to contact a professional:

The Warm Air Doesn’t Feel Right:

If you have a wall heater in your home or office building and you don’t feel like they’re putting out enough heat—or if they feel too hot—it might be time for heater repairs. This can also happen if you notice cool air coming from vents in rooms where there aren’t any radiators installed. Check behind electric heaters and under floorboards to see if it’s leaking water. It could just be that some pipes are loose, but it could also mean that your electric heater is malfunctioning. Either way, it’s best to contact a professional right away before things get worse.

Your Home’s Heating System Takes Too Long to Heat Up:

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If you turn on your electric heater and it takes forever for your home or office to warm up, something isn’t working properly. You may need new thermostats or other heat exchanger components; however, an experienced technician will be able to determine exactly what needs repair work.

Circuit Breaker Turns Off Randomly:

While most people think of their power switch as being on all day long, many modern units actually shut off automatically after set periods of time. Circuit breakers tend to make sure this happens so it doesn’t trip and make things worse. For example, many furnaces go into standby mode between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m., which is why you sometimes wake up freezing in the middle of winter when your furnace turns itself off at night. If your unit has been running constantly without turning itself off at all, it could indicate serious problems with your system that require immediate attention.

You Have to Reset Your Thermostat Frequently:

Another sign that your heating system isn’t functioning properly is having to reset your thermostat frequently. If you find yourself constantly adjusting temperature settings, it could mean that one part of your electric heater is malfunctioning while another part continues to run normally. Again, a skilled technician will be able to diagnose and fix whatever issues are plaguing your electric heater.

Replace Broken Parts

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If your heater is broken, one of its internal parts could be malfunctioning. If you replace those parts and your heater still doesn’t work, it’s probably time to call in a professional. This will save you from replacing all of your HVAC components if something else has caused your heater to break down, like an electrical short, broken pilot light, or other problem that can be very costly if you have no way of knowing about it beforehand. To save money on repairs, consider getting an annual tune-up. Your heater won’t last forever, but these regular checkups are worth their weight in gold when it comes to avoiding major problems down the road. They’re also relatively inexpensive—the average cost for an annual maintenance visit is just $70—and they ensure that your heater runs efficiently throughout the year. A clean air filter and spark plugs are just two examples of items you might want to request during a maintenance visit; they’re cheap fixes that can prevent bigger problems later on. Finally, there’s nothing wrong with buying a new heater if a heater repair is totally out of the question. In fact, depending on how old your current unit is, you may qualify for rebates or tax credits as part of energy efficiency programs offered by utility companies and governments alike.

Safety considerations

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Your heating element is normally installed on walls that are connected to the circuits of homes and are very dangerous. As with all electrical repairs the best care needs to be taken in a safe place. You may also have code restrictions that block homeowners from installing wires in their homes. However, electrical works are dangerous and it is recommended to avoid heating repairs unless you possess a good amount of DIY wiring experience.

Services for heaters can be a little more expensive than if you did it yourself. Sometimes if you want the most effective way to get your heating furnace repaired then calling a repair company is your best best. Keeping your house nice and warm with a wall heating unit is good to keep you and your family happy. If you have any questions about heaters or need services on your heating unit, contact us today!

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