Electric Water Heater

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Electric Water Heaters & Tanks at Ace Hardware

Take perfect water to your faucet every time with Ace Electric Heaters. Our range of electric water heating devices can easily connect directly to your existing power supplies and keep hot water available throughout the house. Come visit our wide variety of electric water heaters for your home or office.

Small electric water heaters

Using compact, lightweight electric water heaters will give you optimum temperature. Our 2-gallon units can be placed underneath the sink and help reduce wasted water as there isn’t time to wait for the warm water to enter the faucet. This heater features a stylish exterior design and insulation inside which allows quick recuperation. The heater is suitable for supplying or providing hot water point-to-use or supplementation. Look for these new innovations in the Small Electric Water Heater collection.

Electric tankless hot water heaters

Tankless water heaters provide instant and continuously warm water for a complete replacement for electric water tank heaters. This tankless heating unit has several features to reduce your energy bills and save space. Our Instant Electric Water Heater offers a 100% efficiency rating to help ensure you have clean drinking water. Some of our heater features are listed below.

Electric hot water tanks

You can have hot water in the house with the electric hot water tank. The electric water heater range includes many sizes and is available in many sizes to suit any home and its needs. With multiple options for drain and electric supplies you can find the correct device. Choose from the best electric tank brands online, which features top-notch features like:

Energy Efficiency Electric water heaters heat water more efficiently than gas water heaters. Electric Water Heater While an electric water heater does heat water slower and more expensively than the gas models do, it heats the water more efficiently.

Compare quotes from top-rated water heater installers

Are the hot water heaters worth it? You may notice that the water heater is turning, but the cold water does come or it does not fulfill the increasing need for hot water. Is there another way to buy an air conditioning unit? Can electric models be bought? Both electric and gas have their own advantages.

Cost of purchase

Electric heaters will save money in purchasing compared to gas heaters. Although you can always buy cheap heating water heaters for less than a dollar, you can usually choose electric.


Generally electric and propane water heaters must also undergo a permit and inspection. Electric water heaters can be installed easily because electricity can be found everywhere and gas often doesn’t work.

Heating rates

Gas heating is able to have higher heating speeds as well as shorter recovery cycles compared to electric heating systems as well as a variety of other heating systems.

The actual rated storage volume of our water heaters may be found on the product details page on our website. Close Close Limited tank warranty. See manual for details. Close Close Most residential homes are wired for 240 volt water heaters.


Electric hot water heaters have no fuel lines, burners or pilot lamps. The heater can be heated by using the power source.

Water Heater Accessories

Our water heater accessories include top-rated products like: Water heater pans Installation and mounting kits PEX dip tubes Expansion tanks Tables for water heaters Visit Ace for Electric Hot Water Heaters Find the electric water heater that’s right for your home.

Qualified Water Heater

Up to $*** in Local Utility Rebates may be available in your area! Save BIG by switching to a qualified water heater today. See Rebates Learn More About Electric Tank Water Heaters Check with your tax advisor for applicability.

Energy Efficient

Gas Water Heater Pros and Cons Pros Heats water quickly Lower operating costs than with electric models Energy efficient Operates during power failures Cons Not all homes have gas; might need to be added Less safe than electric models Dirtier operation Smaller range of sizes Shorter

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