Do’s and Don’ts of Air Conditioner

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Air Conditioning System

These drains can be easy to miss, but they have an important job. A clogged and overflowing drain creates bad news for your air conditioning system and even worse news for surrounding floors and walls , which can sustain permanent damage.

Speak to your HVAC contractor about your system’s scheduled maintenance. They will do a proper evaluation of your system, taking into account the age, brand and usage and figure out a schedule that is right for you. Keep your outdoor condensing unit clear.

Air Conditioning Unit

Overworked air conditioners wear out more quickly and struggle to meet the demands of the thermostat. An air conditioning unit rated for a larger space than you have constantly turns on and off, wearing itself out and growing undependable over time.

Cooling System

DO have the air ducts checked for leakage when installing a new heating and cooling system. DO use ceiling and portable fans for better airflow. They use very little electricity and efficiently circulate air throughout the house.

If you have a thermostat that allows for scheduling, make sure you set it for optimal cooling efficiency. Change the filters. This is another maintenance tip you can handle on your own. Replace filters at least every three months for peak performance. Some air conditioners use water in a process called evaporative cooling.

Neglect this chore, and a dirty filter can lead to poor air flow or freezing up of your unit’s evaporator coil, says James Braun, a professor of engineering and director of the Center for High Performance Buildings at Purdue University.

If you are looking to heat and cool a garage, a mini split system is an excellent option. Mini splits are ductless systems that consist of two parts: an outdoor condenser and an indoor air handler.

AC split systems, also known as ductless split systems or mini-split systems, are air conditioning systems that consist of two main components: an outdoor unit and one or more indoor units.

Ac Unit

Find ways of regulating your temperature that don’t rely on the AC unit. Keeping these basic rules in mind when dealing with your AC unit will not only ensure that it will function effectively, but it will save you money and keep your home comfortable for years to come.

Vacuum the drain pan Complete a compressor diagnosis Clean the evaporator drain line Secure fan blades Install a new air filter Monitor the refrigerant level Check the electrical connections for burned or loose wires Lubricate the fan motors Calibrate the thermostat Not only can these tasks help keep your central air conditioner in great shape. An AC drain is a drain pipe that is connected to the air conditioning system of a home or building.

Clean Your Air Filters Regularly One of the most important rules to keep your air conditioning working well is to regularly clean or replace the air filters. All the air that gets inside your house will go through the filters, so you need them to be clean and unclogged all the time.

premium filter system

If you suffer from allergies or other respiratory issues, consider a premium filter system such as the Trane Clean Effects Air Filter system. What you shouldn’t do Try to repair or tamper with electrical lines, refrigerant lines and connections. Trane air conditioners are a popular choice for homeowners looking to cool their homes.

Outdoor Condensing Unit Clear

They will do a proper evaluation of your system, taking into account the age, brand and usage and figure out a schedule that is right for you. Keep your outdoor condensing unit clear. Trim grass, remove obstructions and make sure that the unit has plenty of room around it so it can dispel heat properly.

Check your thermostat on a regular basis. Your thermostat is the “brain” of your HVAC system, and you should check it often to make sure it is functioning properly.

Energy Efficient

Low Cost. Portable air conditioners are affordable as well as energy efficient. They require less operational costs and allow you to focus on cooling specific areas of your home instead of the entire space. Dehumidifies. As a portable AC unit cools, it also works as a dehumidifier.

Close curtains and seal your home. A home that’s not properly sealed will not hold cool air, that’s just a fact. If your energy bills are high and you’re having trouble beating the heat, try sealing your windows and doors, as well as drawing the curtains to block out sunlight.

The Do’s Determine the Correct BTU Size Before you purchase a portable air conditioning unit, you need to ensure you are purchasing the proper size unit for the space you will use it in. Trying to save money by buying a less expensive and smaller unit, then using it in a large space, is not going to provide adequate cooling and wear down the unit faster.

Air conditioners that are mounted on the wall are a great way to cool a room without taking up too much space.

Thermostat’s Batteries

Remember to replace the thermostat’s batteries often, as programming it properly is crucial in your AC’s performance.

Give it a few hours of rest each day or it gets exhausted, and could malfunction. If so equipped, you shouldn’t let the thermostat’s batteries die under any circumstances.

A struggling AC will consume more energy to run and will begin to lose efficacy. Change the filter and call us if you need help with it. Raise the temperature or replace the thermostat. The thermostat is the brain to your air conditioner.

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