Does Every House Have Air Ducts

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Do you think you should have your air ducts cleaned?

If your children or spouse are allergic to air pollutants, you could consider having your heating or cooling system cleaned. Even with little health concerns, cleaning your ducts might appeal intuitively.

If your vent is clean then everything you have is ok. Okay. It’s not true. Although most of the companies that clean your ductwork have said the process is necessary for your health, they don’t have enough proof of its effectiveness.

The company that cleans and disinfects ducted air is frequently advertising the benefits and recommending duct-cleaning can reduce electricity bills as well as improve efficiency.

Is Air Duct Cleaning Hype necessary?

HVAC maintenance items usually get much attention. It may look like logical maintenance activities, but cleaning air ductwork may not be as good as it appears. We can discuss this subject further.

What is a Duct and why should I care?

A duct is a piping system that is connected to the air supply that is carried out through the home by force. The conditioned air may enter your house from your furnace or air conditioner, or the air can be released, or it may exit the house from outside.

The most common type of ducting is made of polypropylene or aluminum. Although the pipes in a home are generally round, they can vary greatly according to how the pipes are routed to provide the best dispersed and conditioned air to the home. Most air ducts are in exposed ceilings and walls, likely in your basement. Also, sight translates to mindlessness.

How do I know if a Duct Cleaner did a thorough job?

A thorough visual check on the heating system will confirm the proper functioning. Many companies employ remote photographic images of conditions in piping. It is important that all parts are clearly cleaned, it shouldn’t be possible to see debris without an eye.

Send the Consumer Checklist to the provider after the project is completed. Once your job is completed, ask your service provider to show you the components of your computer to confirm the performance in a timely manner. If you answered “NONE” to any question on our list, then it indicates an error in your work.

Other important considerations

Cleaning dripping water in toilets is not proven effective for the prevention or control of the disease. No research has proved that particles in homes are increasing because they are not cleaned.

This occurs because many dirt particles can accumulate at duct surfaces that don’t necessarily penetrate the room where the person lives. The dirty air duct is merely another of many sources of particles in the household. Pollutions in the home from outside and in the indoor environment are more susceptible to contamination than dirty air ducts.

Many deals for cleaning air ducts are scams

Most homes offer a professional HVAC contractor duct cleaner in most neighborhoods, but unfortunately, it attracts some scammers. A con artist can deliver mail to your door and offer the clean-down for less than $100.

A legitimate air purification service can cost between $500 and $750 depending on the size of the house. Once a scammer comes through, they can find the mold and then ask for money in exchange for removal. According to the National AirDuct Cleaners Association, these con artists might falsely say their association is NADCA.

Cleaning your Ducts

Some people think they can vacuum up ductwork using the brush and vacuum cleaner they have. This shouldn’t be an option at all. Clean Air Vents aren’t something you should be doing.

Only use certified technicians who have the appropriate equipment. Air duct cleaning is performed with the use of the roto bristol brush machine with HEPA air filter and vacuum. Beginning at the longest conduit in the furnace, the brush is repeatedly swept across the ductwork and the technician will move through the slender duct to remove dirt and dust.

Finding dust buildup on registers doesn’t mean dust is in the ducts

A common selling tactic of phishing is the point at which a piece of sand appears on the return register (the metal grille containing the return-air duct.). Even though return-air registers accumulate layers of dust, the air duct is not dust-filled.

Air filters in the registers are meant to keep dust away from the return-air registers. Changes to filters, when contaminated, can help prevent contamination from contaminating your system. Usually, the register itself can be swept clean with brushes and wiped with a clean cloth.

How do I prevent Duct Contamination?

It’s important that we maintain our air ducts properly and prevent the leaking ducts from forming into the piping in our homes. The filter must be the best quality recommended by the manufacturer for the heating or cooling system.

Changing filters frequently. If the filter gets damaged or clogged you may want to change it regularly. You should check if there isn’t one filter that needs cleaning. During heating/cooling service, check for other things, and make sure you ask for cooling pipes cleaned or drained.

Duct cleaning is not a DIY job

If you think you’re useful then you may wonder about cleaning air ducts. The annual removal of the floor register is a great opportunity to clear the dust from the ducting below the register (usually eight to 10 inches deep). Try not to put a vacuum pipe in an open duct. An untrained maintenance engineer can damage your airflow and cause a lot of dust and dander in your home. How do I determine the quality of my HVAC duct work? Compare the prices of the best HVAC cleaning services in the area.

Improper duct cleaning can cause more problems than it solves

Unless properly cleaned, the ducts have proper equipment and cleaning tools they can quickly remove any dirt or debris left in their interior and let the dust-out. Only trained technicians will clean the HVAC system and exhaust air from the inside of your building.

A further problem is a possibility that untrained technicians could destroy certain types of ductwork such as insulating or flexible pipe and you would need to spend the necessary money. Photographs.

Duct cleaning may not prevent health problems

Dust consists of a wide array of sources including dander from pets — a few of which include dirt tracks, pollen, and dust mites. While the ductwork of the house may be filled up with dust, some parts of these particles adhere to the ductwork inside. Carpeting, furniture or drapery may contain a lot more particles and if you walk around your room you might see more dirt. It can be difficult to clean air ducts as a family member has allergies that may not even be detected.


Knowledge of air duct cleaning has just started. Therefore a broad recommendation can be offered on the topic of cleaning your air ducts. The United States Environmental Protection Agency recommends reading this document for all information regarding the issue. It’s not yet proven that vacuuming prevents illness. Nor does the research prove that particles are elevated due to dirty air ducts in a home. Usually, air ducts have dirt on top and don’t penetrate the interior.

What should I expect from an Air Duct Cleaning Service Provider?

If duct cleaning is necessary, the provider must open a door or port of access to ensure the entire system is cleaned and tested. Check the system prior to cleaning for the presence of any asbestos in heating and cooling equipment.

Asbestos materials require specific processes and cannot be disturbed or removed without the assistance of qualified contractors. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove contaminated particles outside your house if the vacuum exhausts into the house.

Tell me the best way to clean air ducts.

The potential advantages of how an air-duct cleaner should work are limited. It is impossible to generalize whether air duct clean-up is beneficial. If nobody in the household suffers from allergies or unexplained symptoms or illnesses and the inside of the ducts shows no evidence of air pollution (no matter how large) it may be. It is normal that the return register gets dusty when dust-loaded air is pumped into the grate.

What is air duct cleaning?

Several people have now realized how indoor air pollution is increasing in importance. Some companies offer product or service which is designed as a result of improving air quality. You have likely seen advertisements in the mail or received an offer directly through an organization offering air purification for your home to improve indoor air quality. These services usually range from $450 and $1000 per heating system.

How can I reduce the risk of having my HVAC system cleaned?

Choose and use the right contractor. Air conditioning and duct cleaning is the best option if done properly. According to NADCA, the major industry association for contractors cleaning air systems they need at least one certified air system cleaning specialist on staff to perform the job. The NADCA certification does, however, not guarantee an unsafe experience.

Suggestions for choosing a Duct Cleaning Service Provider

If you have any questions about the duct cleaning industry please check the Yellow Pages under “duct cleaning” – a directory for air cleaning. Don’t assume every duct cleaner is a good fit for your job. Get a free quote before contacting any duct cleaner. Often a contractor can show up to you contaminating your ductwork and requiring a clean-out.

Why Routine HVAC Duct Cleaning isn’t Needed?

Unlike dryer duct cleaning which requires frequent cleaning and inspection, no independently impartial organization recommends HVAC duct cleaning for HVAC maintenance purposes. Currently, EPA has not recommended air duct cleaning as needed due to the constant uncertainty regarding the advantages of the duct cleaning process.

How is Duct Cleaning performed?

Please be sure to learn that duct cleaning uses special equipment to agitate dirt and dislodge it. Often the pipe is sliced to allow access by tools and must be carefully sealed. The vacuuming system then removes air duct contaminants. When you don’t take proper action the consequences are greater.

Duct Cleaning vs. HVAC System Cleaning

Often piping cleaning is included in HVAC system cleaning to help reduce air leakage. Since it is the first time that cleaning your HVAC system is necessary to remove air from the pipes it is, therefore, necessary to clean the whole HVAC system. This is what the NADCA has been thinking about.

The actual work of Ductwork

It’s likely that regular cleaning of ducts is advisable in order to reduce costs and prevent unnecessary repairs from occurring. It seems that this is generally the opposite. This list reveals what cleaning a duct does and some mythical things that duct cleaning does.

The Truth About Duct Cleaning

In the best case Ongaro and Sons will clean the air ducts for the customer. However, there have been several common mythical misconceptions regarding duct cleaning which needs clearing up in order for HVAC systems to remain in top condition.

Duct Cleaning Improves Airflow

Falsely. Whether you are experiencing duct leakage, heat loss, or duct leakage, this can be a permanent problem. Duct cleaning eliminates small debris that settles within an existing duct. It will not alter your duct layout, increase the airflow within your duct systems or balance your system.

The cleaning won’t remove leaky pipes from your duct system. The correct treatment of airflow problems will involve professional-managed airflow duct testing for measurement of air volume in a system as well as an extensive duct inspection of the airway. A. Various solutions can be proposed, and include:

Duct Cleaning Eliminates Odors and Molds

Absolutely no. Duct cleaning alone does little to remove the smell from air conditioning systems. Although many manufacturers offer microbial sprays to clean your ducts, they are just temporary remedies. It smells like a lot. Simply spraying over the smell does not remove the odor. The smell is removed by removing the source of the odor. It includes air duct cleaning and removing particulates. It s no longer removing the cause of these diseases. Make sure you upgrade your air purification system once you remove all the toxins from your environment.

Ducts need cleaning every 3 to 5 years

No. It’ll be fine. While duct cleaning is required to remove particulates that cause deterioration of HVAC equipment, it can be a problem for a number of reasons. Duct cleaning doesn’t normally take place at HVAC installations. Unless you regularly clean your air ducts with vacuums to eliminate any dust, it shouldn’t take much to clean them. The exception might be when you recently completed major remodeling work on a house that produces some dust. Eventually, you should consider cleaning your ductwork.

What is air duct contamination?

Various piping systems can have contaminants such as sewage waste, contaminated ductwork, and other household chemicals. A malfunction in the HVAC system and its components may result in contaminated air ducts and air leaking. If your home air ducts have accumulated contaminants or the hoses are too tight, it releases dust into the air. Your duct may have holes cut to allow access through the tool or vacuum system and may have failed to properly seal after a cleaning.

Heating And Cooling System

Dirty air ducts force your heating and cooling system to work harder, expending more energy in operating less efficiently.

Here’s a video on the subject to help understand more clearly.

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