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DeLonghi Pinguino 700 Sq. Ft. Portable Air Conditioner

DeLonghi PAC EX390LN 14,000 BTU portable air conditioning unit provides optimum cooling for large spaces. Control comfort with a simple touchscreen that can be adjusted to meet individual requirements easily. The three-in-one unit has cooling capacities from 700 to 700 m2 and offers dehumidification and airflow control functions. Bring fresh air to every room in this lightweight model which can be easily positioned on castor wheels.

Control your comfort with a digital control screen that’s easy to use and adjust to your precise needs. Powerful, multifunctional, and effective, this 3-in-1 unit can cool rooms up to 700 square feet and offers dehumidifying and fan settings. Bring crisp, cool air to any room with this ultra-portable model that is easy to set up and move around on its castor wheels.

AC fan is a type of electric fan that uses air conditioning to cool the air. It works by drawing in air from outside, cooling it, and then blowing it into the room.

DeLonghi Penguino Portable Air Conditioner at Costco

Costco sells an AC portable unit called the DeLonghi Pinguino. We ask ourselves if it is worth purchasing the unit. It is worth noting that many customers review this model. Stay up to date with all this stuff.

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Key Features of the DeLonghi Pinguino at Costco

The packaging for the DeLonghi Air Conditioning Device says it can provide cooling up to 700 sq. Ft. but although technically accurate, it will be much more efficient at a smaller area.

The unit offers “3 in 1” functions meaning the unit can operate as it programmed and includes Remote controls. This unit collects and evaporates its accumulated condensate into the exhaust system and prevents it from draining. The air conditioner has UV-C lights that kill airborne viruses when they pass through the unit.

DeLonghi offers its portable AC units on Amazon, where it receives about 1300 reviews. It is a problem with the review as 15% of the reviews have a rating of one stars. I searched through the negative comments and identified three common themes.

Quality Control

The most significant factor in complaints was poor quality. Apparently it’s fairly common for the units to work good in 2-3 weeks but throw in a “PF” coding code. The PF code means Probe failure. When you read the code you realize the unit’s functions are nonfunctional. DeLonggi’s customer service seems like a nightmare. Alternatively, if you purchased this unit from Costco and it died after one month you could get it returned without any hassle.

PORTABILITY Simple Setup and Portable Pinguino portable air conditioners set up effortlessly and in minutes. Thanks to their programmable timer and integrated wheels you can easily move them from room to room, cooling when and where you need it most.

Ventilation issues

The second major issue with the unit comes with exhaust hoses which come from behind the unit delivering hot air to your window. This vent has only 4 ft which limits air conditioning. You may need to move a bookcase and sofa underneath the windows to allow air to reach it. It’s also important that the hot air that exits the device warms up exhaust vents which begin radiating warmth in the room and reduce system effectiveness.

Portable Air Conditioners

Do portable air conditioners work without the hose? No. Our portable air conditioners are designed to work by expelling hot air out of the back of the unit using the 4-foot hose supplied with the unit. The air conditioner can also be installed semi-permanently in a room by drilling a hole through a wall.

Exhaust Vent Issues The next biggest complaint about the unit is the exhaust hose that comes off the back of the unit and sends the hot air out your window. The vent that comes with the unit is only four feet long which really limits where the air conditioner can be placed. 

I saw that several people ended up wrapping the exhaust vent in insulation to reduce the radiated heat which works great but makes the system look ugly and awkward. Noise Level This was a minor complaint but I saw it enough to make it worth mentioning. Noise tolerance is highly subjective but some folks feel like the unit is too loud and would wake them up when it cycled on in the evening.

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