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The selection of air conditioning systems in homes is extensive. Our experts offer information on comparing air conditioning systems and carriers. Our range of central air conditioned units will give you the most suitable solution for your situation.

In fact, our focus is on cooling indoors since our first air conditioner was invented by Willis Carrier in 1902. Our range includes air conditioning, heating and air conditioning equipment and accessories that can meet any of your needs. What air conditioner should I buy? How do you find the best air conditioning?

How much does a central AC unit cost? The Cost to Install Central Air, Broken Down

Air conditioning is often cited as an essential feature for the region of which the temperature can rise during summer. If the cooling units in the heating and cooling system have been replaced with a new AC unit that has been replaced or the air has not been conditioned since. Average cost of installing a new AV system is $5644, which is generally priced at $3810. To 7480 dollars. Central AC costs determine many factors which include the number of ducts required, the dimensions of the unit, SEER ratings and repairs required.

How much does central air cost?

Bankrate helps you make better money choices. While our policies remain strictly adhered to, this article may reference products of our partner organizations. I had to explain the cool refreshing air in the summer heat.

But if your current air conditioning doesn’t chill out your home and you are planning to upgrade, then the HVAC system will be worth the cost. Typical ranges vary in cost between $3800 for larger systems to $750 for larger systems or upgraded units according to HGTV.

Central air conditioning

Cool air circulates through an electrical supply system. Supply ducts and registers carry cool air from a heating and air conditioning unit into the home.

This cooler air warms when circulating in a room before it is transferred to a central cooling unit via return channels and registers. If you want to learn how air conditioning works and how the system works, see this infographic on Energy saving 101: Home Cool. Cooling systems cool down the air for improved health.

How much does central air conditioning cost?

When you choose an air conditioning unit, the cost of a unit will vary. In this regard, the size of units varies significantly. Typically, AC industry experts refer to the wattage or temperature — but rather its power — the ability to cool if it is used properly.

It is commonly known under the terms of the acronym British thermal unit. BTUs measure how much power is required to lower water by a fraction. In a measure system 12,000 BTU are measured per ton. The average air conditioning capacity in this country is approximately 30,000 BTU.


Earning ENERGY STAR reflects product compliance by environmental protection agencies with strict requirements regarding electricity use. ENERGY STAR certified air conditioners can increase your comfort while saving you electricity. Saving energy saves you energy by saving carbon emissions. Energy-star-certified central air conditioners have higher seasonal efficiency and energy-efficiency ratio ratings.

Types of Central Air Conditioners

Central cooling units are either split systems or packaged units in the system. The air conditioner has two cabinets: the outdoor heater / air conditioner, fan and compressor and the indoor heater / air conditioner. In the majority of split systems the inside cabinet can include a furnace or the air conditioning unit. If your house doesn’t even have a furnace, it’s possible to have a split system.

Additional costs and considerations

New buildings generally provide the easiest central air conditioner costs, however homeowners sometimes require updating an older unit or removing one entirely. The total price can also vary depending on the specific circumstances that are unlikely to apply here. Installation of a central AC unit will increase the costs of plumbing, electrical and mechanical services.

The bottom line

The installation of a central air conditioning unit is definitely expensive. AC units can run up to $9000 or more, particularly if the house is large or older. When you are unable to pay the cost, it may be easier for you to pay the cost yourself. Compare rate quotes from a number of private and HELOC lenders to see how much you’ll pay each month.

Factors in Calculating Central AC Unit Cost

The air conditioning system is usually installed to blow cool air in rooms in the house; the cost of installing it can vary depending upon its size. Installation of central air conditioners is arguably more expensive in older properties than in new construction. You may also need energy-efficiency ratings as an energy cost consideration.

Types of air conditioning (AC) units

Installation and operation of the Air Conditioning System (AC) can be complicated and requires several different considerations. The general concept of the air conditioning system is that it comes down to 2 different parts: the unit itself and its system components. Typical types and their installation costs, via HomeAdvisor, are:

Powerful precision technology

Select a cooling product which has the ability to maintain precise temperatures at optimum levels. Carrier split system has developed a unique feature that maximizes comfort.

The central air system may require a large investment of up to five figures if there are sufficient funds. There are several financing choices.

The cost of Central Air Conditioner Installation can vary greatly from installation costs to labor. Here is the installation cost.

Home modifications

When you add rooms or change room heights such as vault ceilings you will need updated air conditioning systems. New ductwork or ventilation systems should be installed as minimally as possible, but larger units may be necessary for adequate cooling of habitations in all areas. A professional can assess whether a unit in the house would require a new renovation or a renovation.


The most efficient central aerators have a warranty lasting from five to 10 years. Typically, warranty covers components and equipment but the installer can give warranties in the event of labor that occurs during any repair period. Extended warranties may be available, but this usually costs a lot more than normal repairs over an AC’s lifetime. Photos: istockphotos.net.

Zones and controls

In bigger houses a multizone air conditioner is ideal to control uneven temperature distribution effectively. Some rooms retain more heat when exposed to more sunlight, and this can happen in some cases. A zoned cooling system helps reduce arctic airflow to the rooms in the zone. Adding more control rooms increases the value and improves comfort in the house.

Ductwork Repair

Existing pipework could not support the higher volume of the new AC unit requiring replacements. Leaky ductwork may cause air conditioner units to not cool the same as before. Over time pipes may have been damaged and should always be examined for any possible problems.

Mold testing and removal

Sometimes mold can be found in the walls or pipes that have been damaged. Get professional mold testing services from the mold experts. Improperly cleaning techniques can damage fiberglass or flexible HVAC ducts so you should contact a professional for a quick removal.

Electrical work

The power supply is supplied by an insulated circuit. The typical voltage is needed, and the AC unit requires between 15 and 60 amps. You will need an electrician who will install the outlet and update the circuit breaker.

Existing HVAC system removal

The removal of old computers is fairly easy, even when you get them installed by the manufacturer. Disposal fees range from $25 to $200. Removing/updating ducting can increase cost as it would require more time.

Home Size

The estimated costs per unit for central cooling are between $600-600 per square meter. Installing the air conditioner in the warmer climate is costing more as additional batteries are required for the system to be more efficient.

The SEER rating varies between 16 and 18. It is suitable for many climates. According to the SEER rating the average home should cost around $300 or even $4000 to install an AC system in the home. Let your air cool in summer. Get free, no obligation quotes from specialized specialists close by.

System size

In an AC unit construction, big does not always equal more. Central AC units have an output of 1.8-tonne capacity and can be rated between 1.5 and 5-ton. The square feet are divided by 18. This means the cooling of an apartment takes 18 BTUs.

Those with large ceilings should multiply by 1.75. Divide this amount by 12,000 to the amount necessary. A 2,000 sq.ft. home needs 34,000 BTU for cooling. Divided by 126,000, the home has 3, thus requires 3 tons of air conditioning. Typical sizes are three to four tonne AC units.


Central AC units cost largely depends on installation cost, which vary between different projects. The cost for labor is less in the case of new installations without updating existing conduit. For the installation ductwork and unit construction, the average homeowner will spend between $3500 and $2550. Actual units are additional costs that vary with different unit types.


AC units are not necessarily priced at the same price as AC units in all respects. Famous name-branding may carry similar parts to those of some others but they often have product longevity or good service. A local HVAC contractor can share the advantages of the best brand for your local business. The average cost for Aire-Flo is $3400. Photo: istackphoto.com.

SEER Rating

SEER indices determine how effective an air conditioner is in each season compared to its average rating. The SEER unit costs more at the outset but is less costly. HomeAdvisor says AC units have a minimum SEER rating of 13 or higher. If your system was purchased in 2006 you can upgrade it for improved energy savings and efficiency.

Types of Carrier AC Systems

We know that not all houses are alike. Carrier Air Conditioner offers many different air conditioning solutions for your individual home. The system includes an AC conditioner and an indoor unit with an AC evaporator coil typically mounted in utility closets, basements or attics.

The fans in the indoor unit circulate air through the wall through the ductwork of the house. In some climates people choose heating units as outdoor units, and pair them to air-handling machines because it provides electricity that’s perfect in some parts of.


Ducts and ventilation provide airflow to cooling. Older homes can be without duct work and you can consider incorporating that into your costs, according to Carson’s report.

It can be used as a ductless cooling system or as an alternative when your walls are a little thin to install ducting, Carson adds. A ductless unit is generally installed on walls that require cooling. Ducted units are available in two varieties: traditional large-format ducts and Small Ducted high speed systems (SDHVs) use a thin tuber instead of a standard.

Pre-installation evaluation

Each HVAC installation project is unique and varies in part on your home requirements. Before the installation of a new HVAC system you must contact an HVAC professional before you begin.

A preinstalled assessment can determine how much insulation a house needs and whether a leak is present in the vent. The pro performs manual J loads calculations to determine the efficiency of your home to keep its temperature in check. It determines the unit size that will determine your overall costs.

Central Air Conditioning System

As an unfortunate result, modern energy-efficient air conditioners can perform almost as poorly as older inefficient models. Image When installing a new central air conditioning system, be sure that your contractor: Allows adequate indoor space for the installation, maintenance, and repair of the new system Uses a duct-sizing methodology.

Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio

If your AC unit is located near a bedroom window or patio, for example, sound performance might be an important feature to consider. Energy Savings Air conditioners are rated by their seasonal energy efficiency ratio.

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