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How can I fix my car’s air conditioner?

The air conditioning unit in your car may need replacement. If your automobile doesn’t have an air-cooled air conditioner, it is important to look for leaks. Unless the A/C system is in need of extensive maintenance you may have little equipment required for this repair. In the event it lacks refrigeration, however, you can recharge it by buying an auto recharge kit at an automobile parts store.

Visit Firestone Complete Auto Care for car air conditioning repair in Las Vegas. A/C issues don’t meet the requirements of our skilled engineers!

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Trust us in our professional automotive service. We are open six days a week, 7:30am-5pm. Nevada summers are brutally hot – this can last long if your air conditioner blows cold air or not works properly.

Unless the cooling system is maintained regularly, a car’s effectiveness will decrease by 5% every year. Without adequate repairs, you could end up putting your Air Conditioner in a bad position if it fails. You can easily recuperate most of your energy losses through an automobile cooling system service.

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The car air conditioning can cause problems in the vehicle. Stop by a nearby Firestone Complete Automobile Care in Las Vegas to get performance testing and repairs as soon as you have noticed an issue. Whenever the A/C on your car blows hot air or you hear strange odors in the air vent, you can rely on our experienced technicians for a thorough inspection. Every year, our air conditioner repair service covers more than 50,000 vehicles!

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What is the most dangerous way to eliminate odor in car? Auto Detail Answers Help with the wikiHow – Unlock the Expert Response. Clean the automobile by spraying some anti-bacterial air freshener. Spraying something that smells good won’t fix it. Keep clean of any odor that is causing a bad car smell. The filters should be disinfected and then refilled, run the AC to cool to drain the air conditioning system.

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Contact our factory-trained technicians in the automotive climatization industry. Our technicians are fully trained in AC repairs from computer systems to environmental disposal. The AC system in use today is quite complicated, and then the new improvements start. We are an authorized HVAC contractor and dependable supplier of all aspects of HVAC equipment.

Keep cool with regular A/C maintenance

If not maintained properly, your air conditioner may lose 5 percent of its initial efficiency every year. Keep your HVAC in excellent working order with the help of a certified, factory-trained & insured professional HVAC technician.

If the A/C in your car smells awful then the air filters can get dirty and require replacement. During the use of the website, certain information is shared to YouTube.


The evaporator is designed to absorb the warmth of your interior vehicle and is an energy exchanger critical to the air conditioner of your car (not only to ensure your personal comfort). Using the evaporative device, the refrigeration fluid absorbs heat which boils down and transforms into liquid.

The air is pumped out of your air conditioning system by the compressed air, which cools your vehicle and reduces humidity. Due to its high temperature in the evaporation process it can easily absorb acids and corrode. Often this damage is beyond repair to the evaporators and so it’s important to stop the situation.

Receiver (Drier)

The receivers are metal containers serving to keep refrigerators in storage containers containing the refrigerants in storage. It is sometimes described to be drier due to its ability to retain moisture from refrigerants and filtering particles and contains harmful acids that would normally damage your HVAC. Your dryer must be changed once every three to four years in order to maintain good filtration and prevent damage caused by these harmful chemicals.

Orifice tube/expansion valve

Typically, expansion valves are controls that regulate flow of cold air across the airway. The device also converts high-pressure liquid refrigerant from condensers to low-pressure liquids so the liquid enters the air evaporator. The orifice tubes are usually placed on the evaporator’s outlet.


The compressor is a belt-driven device which is inspired by the ability to compress refrigeration gases and transfer them in condensers. The compressor is a central component in the cooling system of the car that functions as a small pump.

Auto Air Conditioning Repair

Getting Your Auto Air Conditioning Fixed Whether you need auto air conditioning repair work done or just want to schedule an AC check, the best place to do it is at Meineke. You can schedule an appointment at Meineke in Las Vegas NV today, using the website. auto repair.

Car Air Conditioning Service

The good news is that you can still recover most of that lost efficiency with a car air conditioning service. Knowledgeable Car Air Conditioning Shop Contact our factory-trained professionals for a car air conditioning service.

Auto Air Conditioning System

Why Getting an AC Check is So Important There are a couple of things that can cause your auto air conditioning system to malfunction. The first is that it simply runs out of refrigerant; a regular AC check will help prevent this from happening.

Blowing Hot Air

Whether your car A/C is blowing hot air or there’s a strange scent coming from the vents, you can rely on our knowledgeable technicians to thoroughly inspect and fix your car’s A/C.

When refrigerant in its cool liquid form is exposed to warm air in your vehicle’s condenser, it evaporates into a gas and absorbs or removes heat from the surrounding environment.

Air Conditioner Loses

The air isn’t cooling – Most of the time, your air conditioner loses its cooling properties because there is a low level of refrigerant, your condenser is broken, or the compressor has a broken or damaged belt.

Repair Shop

If you spot any leaks, you will need to take the vehicle to a repair shop to be fixed by a professional. If you do not spot any leaks, the problem may simply be low refrigerant

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