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Mini Split in Garage

Is using a mini split in your garage a good idea? Maybe your house does have enough insulation to keep you warm in the summer

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Unit AC

Normal range of $388 – $7898. The average home owner will spend $5855 on re-installation of the air conditioning system, but the cost can range

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Air Conditioning Phoenix

Top 10 Best HVAC Companies in Phoenix, AZ How does the icon work? Icons 2 Within seconds meet highly-rated regional pro’s. What is it? Compare

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Mini Split Sizing

Ductless Mini-Split Sizing Guide – Townsend Energy Choosing a ductless mini split unit will be the most important aspect in your new home. Inverting technology

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AC Split Systems

Mini Split vs Central Air | Air Mini Splits Worth the Cost? You can call it home. Almost every house today is equipped with an

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Air Conditioning Noise

Air Conditioner Makes Loud Noise When Starting Table of Contents ‘hidden’. The noises from the machine are no surprise. Your house will not sound completely

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Trane vs Goodman

A fair heat pump comparison of Trane Vs Goodman Arizona homeowners who are considering a heat pump should be provided with real factual comparison data

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standing water

AC Drain

Is your AC drain line clogged? Find out why and how to fix your AC line The HVAC website provides professional help in determining the

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