Black Stuff Coming out of Window AC Unit

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Are you afraid of black dust from vents? Whatever the black dust might be it’s likely not breathable. Black dust that comes from AC vents is typically caused by: Need help with black dust problem? Our technicians will be available for your AC repair needs. The area where the air blows out from has black flakey stuff in it. Here at Las Vegas AC Repair, we want to make sure your window AC unit is not blowing black stuff into your home.

Deteriorating components

Deteriorations of duct liners produce black particles blowing into the vents and accumulating on the floor. The technician can identify whether there are any leaks in the pipe. Unless the liner in the pipe has black dust the particles can become hazardous if inhaled. A truly old room may have a worn-out filter. An air conditioner capacitor is a device that stores and releases electrical energy as needed to help the air conditioner compressor and fan motor run more efficiently.

If a fan starts blowing out of an air conditioning unit and the air filter has rust, parts from it will escape from air conditioning fans. This will also dirty the room, allowing impurities to freely travel through the air conditioning system, opening up the unit to clog and eventually make repairs.

If the professional finds leaks, they will likely recommend a solution called duct sealing. Duct sealing involves using a sealant to cover any holes in the ductwork. If a duct is leaky beyond repair, the HVAC professional may recommend replacing the duct altogether.

Use a better air filter

When the fan blows after the unit is turned on for the first time in years, parts of the rotted air filter blow out of the cooling vents.

The best solution is to upgrade to air filters that carry a minimum MERV. 13. How do we prevent vapor particles from escaping from AC vents? The minimum efficiency report MERV is a measurement tool used for measuring how much dust a filter catches. The higher the MERS, the fewer contaminants it can remove. Most homeowners have a filter MERV rating of 8–10. This filter does not contain small contaminants such as smoke and soot.

Mold spores

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Mold can cause serious illness or injury. The presence of mold causes toxicity and… Sadly, mold can grow inside and near AC systems as well. Let us tell you the reason. Mold grows in 4 ways: Your AC system has these three elements and therefore mold can easily build up around the system and the venting pipes. As air circulates across ductwork, the spores enter the home through air ducts allowing the mold to enter through the ductwork.

Contact a mold remediation specialist If the mold is widespread, you should consider contacting a mold specialist.

Burned components

The heat exchanger system on the air conditioning unit could have burnt down. If there are small pieces of dust, immediately disconnect the system to get someone to look for them.

Upgrade your air filter to a higher MERV rating

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The MERV(minimum efficiency reporting value) is derived from a measurement tool to calculate the efficiency of the filters used in air conditioning systems. The higher the MERV metric the more efficient filters are in filtering small contaminants. For removing small odors such as mold spores, we recommend using an air-filtration system containing an 8 MERV rating.

If the filters above the MVR filter are a good fit, contact an air conditioning technician before buying. Because these filters are heavier they will require modification. HVAC professionals can modify the ductwork to fit this filter. What is recommended for an efficient filtering method? It’s all ours! Get information about air filtering with our ductwork.

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