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Best Portable Air Conditioners of 2022

Find out how the products are evaluated, analyzed and evaluated. If you use the links on the site, you will be able to get paid. The Spruce / Chloe Jeong. You may prefer a window-mounted air conditioner, but it has many advantages.

The portable device may also be mounted or moved between rooms and includes a tube for exhausting air from windows and through a door opening. It is generally easy to keep and highly adaptable.

The Best Portable Air Conditioners To Keep You Cool In The Dog Days Of Summer

Getting an affordable portable cooling fan can be a little difficult to manage in a summertime dog house. Maybe you do not have enough space to fit your AC system. The best choice for this situation is the portable cooling unit.

The Whynter ARC-122DS is an affordable mid-priced home with excellent functionality for many homes, with room sizes, budgets larger and smaller can be selected too.

How do I choose the best portable air conditioner?

We searched the internet and retrieved a variety of portable AC systems. After examining specifications such as BTU, coverage area, noise, drainage requirements and more, we added our favorite options for various budgets and lifestyle needs.

We also hired Chris forbus, a Houston-area HVAC and refrigeration services consultant to share top characteristics that you should look for; We have a great reputation with our customers in Houston. In addition, the lecturer described the basic BTU measurement detail quoted in the introduction.

How we test it?

The temperature in the climate-controlled space is 90 degrees for testing. When room temperature reached 92 degrees, we turned off the heat and switched the AC to cooling mode. We run this unit twice a week for AC units and repeat it twice every hour.

Then a test will measure two things: When we find that data, we need to compare them across all units to determine the units that maintain their set temperatures the longest. This is done to see which units have maintained their smallest temperatures the longest.


Taking a closer look at efficiency you can see if your air-conditioning unit maintains the 68 degree temperature. Since we are not comparing the larger units (the Midea, LG and Haier) directly with the smaller units ( GE Whirlpool and Frigidaire ) the larger units have been listed at the top of this diagram.

The Midea cooling system performed best and maintained 68 degrees at 88.7% of the operating time. The Haier was second with 75.8%, and the LG model was ranked third with 71.4%.

Do portable ACs have to be vented out the window?

Portable AC unit typically requires venting either through windows or through walls or ductwork. If the air collected by the heater does not come back, it will be stored in your room, completely destroying the purpose.

However there are some choices for people who are really not comfortable venturing about themselves. Some compact models, for example, don’t require venting—and they’re usually too small for efficient cooling of a whole room.

How do I choose a portable air conditioner?

When looking for portable air conditioners, you want the best model that suits both your home interior and exterior. How should I choose my favorite BTU rating and how does a programability assessment affect my shopping experience?

Do portable ACs have to vent through windows?

Okay. Hoses must be attached and positioned outside the unit to ensure optimal airflow. Without it, heating and condensation will not exist and may affect the cooling of the air in the room effectively.

We tested six air conditioners on our Best-Sidelist. On this chart we see how each product compares to its price, features and specs.

BTU rating

The square footage determines how big it can get if the unit cools off. The British thermal unit (BBU) is the temperature measure used for your unit. BTU measurement is done by two standards – ASHRAE and DOE. While it is sometimes possible to see these numbers along model lists DOE generally gives an accurate reading about how well mobile units perform within an office environment.


True portable air conditioning units are usually ventilated using tampers and typically plugged by a hose. The Forbus AC system is placed in an easy to access location near the doorway because shorter ventilator tubes are more efficient and more reliable. When there is no ventilation consider an evaporative cooler such as Honeywell Indoor/Outdoor portable evaporative cool.


Once you decide on your basic necessities, another convenience will come along. Can the AC unit operate on an auto-pilot? Are smart devices controlled by a smartphone? Although often not essential, additional functions are useful when you need to use your equipment more efficiently.


You may need an air conditioning unit that doubles as a dehydrating device, depending upon its humidity and temperature. Unlike some low maintenance models, some require manual emptying and are connected by an outside drain.

Noise levels

It can help to compare the decibel ratings of the units in a room with other types of noise. In high temperature situations, portable AC units might be noisy. As a guide, mild rainfall typically measured a maximum of 60 dB.

Other Portable Air Conditioners

Its unique shape allows it to squeeze into smaller spaces where other portable air conditioners would be too bulky to fit. Its size and shape also makes it more portable than some of its competitors, and given its low price, the FHPC082AC1 might be one of the best portable air conditioners deals for you.

Room Size One of the most important factors when choosing a portable air conditioning unit is the recommended room size. “Load calculation helps to determine the appropriate size of the AC your home will require,” explains Roth.

Hot Air

The temperature of the air drops as it passes over the cold coil. This cold air enters the room and begins to mix with the hot air in the room, lowering its temperature. Meanwhile, the appliance draws in moisture vapor suspended in the room’s air.

The other hose takes warm air and ejects it to the outdoors. The design prevents the appliance from significantly lowering the air pressure in the cooled space, which can pull in warm, humid air from building cavities, the attic, the crawlspace, and other undesirable locations.

Cooling Power

Using his suggestions, she vetted each model for its cooling power, noise level, settings, and energy efficiency, and she scoured dozens of user reviews for insights on the installation and operation of different portable units from top brands.

By connecting the hose to the window outside, you only get the cool air within the room. At the same time, because there is only one hose, the AC draws in more air from the room to cool down the internal components that have gotten hotter due to constant cooling.

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