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Apartment Living & Healthy Air: Problems You May Not Know About

Living with allergic / asthmatic conditions is not easy. You must keep an open mind to how the air you breathe helps prevent a bad reaction. Indoor air quality becomes a huge factor in the living of an apartment.

Poorly ventilated apartments and inability to change your apartment can also cause serious respiratory issues which may increase if you have allergies. Although air quality may improve by using air filters, it is generally not possible to completely remove the problem. This means being vigilant in your environment and managing your airflow.

Everything you need to know about HVAC maintenance

The acronym HVAC may be used in the name of a home or business and will likely apply in certain situations. HVAC describes heating and cooling, both separate systems that create your home’s climate, and all of them require proper service for your renter. You should always check for HVAC maintenance as it helps keep your house and its equipment running properly.

Tell me the meaning of the “V” in HVAC?

V. Ventilation in HVAC systems are also as important as H and AC. Adequate air flow helps prevent air from becoming contaminated, causing the telltale musty smell of older homes.

Central air conditioning and heating systems have automatic controlled circulation but rented apartments with no air conditioning and heating systems may suffer from stale air. It also causes the home to be humid with insects, and molds to appear in places.

A ceiling ventilator is an important component of home ventilation, although it is not widely used anywhere. Ceiling fans or portable fans can help control humidity and maintain comfort for tenants.

Is Heat Required in a Rental?

The short answer was yes. I’m using HVAC. The heating needs to be adequately heated for a residence to become comfortable across the country in any state. Many community (mostly cold weather areas) are very specific with respect to the heating needs.

For example, New York City requires heating units to maintain the minimum temperature between October 31st and June 30th. San Francisco requires the minimum temperature between 5 and 11 o’clock every day and between 3 and 5pm. Maine’s minimum indoor temperature must exceed 20°C if its maximum exterior temperature drops below 40oC.

Is AC required in a rental?

It’s a common HVAC term for cooling the rooms with an air conditioner. Although there is a need for heat for every state, there is nothing to say about the air conditioned room. California requires hot water, but it doesn’t need cooling.

Similar goes on in Brooklyn. However local laws can be in opposition to state laws, and you can see it growing up in the South. Georgia requires air-conditioned buildings in most cities and AC is becoming widespread for most rental homes. Rental of an airconditioned apartment is contractually necessary for your maintenance.

Change Filters Frequently

Your heating & cooling systems connect via metal ducts to your home’s interiors. Where the fresh air enters your household is known as supply vent and where it enters the heating and cooling systems as return vent.

If dirt is entering the ducts it can block heating elements and speed the cooling system, it can also cause damage and possibly cause fires. The filter in your return vent is essential for the proper operation of these devices.

The importance of indoor air quality

EPA officials say that indoor air quality can be worse than outdoors air. It’s logical because a house is full of pollutants which accumulate in enclosed spaces and can cause serious illness and harm.

Add in airflow which prevents the irritant from getting trapped and you could have health complications sooner. Poor ventilation at home can lead to coughing, sneezing wheezing, vomiting, and allergies.

Potential air quality problems (and solutions) in an apartment

Living in apartments is challenging because it can be difficult to breathe clean water in. Smaller floor plans, a lack of control over irritants and concentrations of contaminants in the rooms can all affect deteriorating air quality. Understanding the common problems is crucial in keeping an apartment air circulating properly (again) for optimum health.

 That means that the air that is blowing into your apartment is also blowing into the lobby, the apartment offices, and even other apartments.  It is very much possible to have allergens and contaminants spread throughout the space.

To keep humidity from getting too high, a dehumidifier is key. It can also help to use fans or open windows when cooking or showering, to allow drier air to enter your apartment.

allow enough air flow, an apartment would have to have a high concentration of aerosols which could then pass from one apartment to another in sufficient amounts for there to be an infection.

Who is responsible for HVAC maintenance?

Like most aspects of a rental property, the maintenance of your HVAC system should be carried out at a minimum if your tenants neglect it. The landlord is keen for things to remain operational. If you are a far away resident you may have joint responsibility for the tenants care for you.

It only makes sense then that you should want the best quality air while you are living day to day.  With large HVAC systems that are often used in apartments or condos, ducts can become easily clogged or contaminated if not regularly cleaned and maintained.

The Two Most Common HVAC Maintenance Issues

Let’s discuss maintenance problems that may occur with a system covered by “HVAC.” Having an overview of how HVAC works can help prevent big problems. Besides saving money, you can also use the rental company for the maintenance of your house and its contents.

Over time, these contaminants build up in the ducts leading to serious clogs in the air ducts to your HVAC unit.  This is normal in a single family home but can become even more of a problem when multiple apartment or condo units share the same HVAC duct work.

Air Conditioning Systems

It’s important to stay on top of your HVAC maintenance, not only for your tenants’ sake, but because keeping your heat and air conditioning systems in tip-top shape will ensure a longer lasting unit and a more comfortable rental.

Keeping your living space dust free, ventilating as much as possible, replacing the filters in your heating and air conditioning units, and using a dehumidifier are all great ways to promote healthy air in your apartment and keep yourself healthy.

Mechanical Ventilation

The challenges of mechanical ventilation include increased costs and air moisture problems. Hybrid Ventilation Hybrid ventilation is a mix of both natural and mechanical ventilation systems. Fresh air inlets are used to allow air into the building, where the air is routed through a system of air ducts into a supply fan.

Building Design and Proper Ventilation Tenants should also be aware of how the design of their apartment buildings can influence proper ventilation. Apartment buildings with long stairwells and elevator shafts are often more challenging to ventilate.

Keep the door closed so that the air circulation is maximized within that particular space. This will also restrict the poor quality air in the room from spreading to the rest of the home. At other times, keep the doors to different rooms open to allow for fresh air to circulate through the entire apartment.

Environmental Protection Agency

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, apartments can have the same indoor air problems as single-family homes, including indoor air pollution, inadequate ventilation and mold.

World Health Organization

If the pipe has no water at some point, contaminated air can get into the home. The World Health Organization suggested in a report that SARS (the most direct predecessor of the current coronavirus) spread through a building in Hong Kong in this manner, generating more than 300 cases and 42 deaths.

These contaminants can trigger allergies or even asthma attacks in susceptible tenants.  You should have the best quality of air possible at your own home and at Better Air, we believe it is absolutely essential for life.  

How they manage mold, dust mites, and other allergens can greatly affect the quality of the air in your apartment. Remodeling — It goes without saying that renting an apartment means you can’t renovate, no matter how much a few fixes would improve the air quality.

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Volatile Organic Compounds

Volatile Organic Compounds Also known as VOC’s, these organic compounds can be found in nearly everything from carpets to cosmetics to cleaning products. Examples of VOC’s include formaldehyde, acetone, benzene, and ethylene glycol.

Apartment Building

Consequences of Improper Ventilation Improper ventilation is an apartment building can expose tenants to humid air, pollutants, and allergens. This can make staying in your apartment unhealthy and less comfortable.

On the other hand, high levels of humidity can keep dust mites alive and cause condensation (which can cause mildew and mold), especially in a poorly ventilated apartment.

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