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Air conditioners are a typical appliance and are among the most frequently purchased items on our site. According to their types an AC unit will last for 15 years. Nevertheless, even a good AC needs replacing in some cases. During air conditioning disposal, many homeowners are making a big mistake – throwing away old air conditioner parts and accessories and remembering not to put them into sanitizing bins. It is illegal for someone to simply dump an air conditioner in the trash, and they are liable for penalties if found guilty in this way. You may have an outdated AC unit that needs replacing.

Not only do we recycle the old air conditioning units, but we also recycle both the cardboard and wood pallet that your new air conditioning unit was packaged in. So when we say that we recycle everything, Technicians are trained to clean job sites of all debris from both old inoperable AC units and trash from new installations.

How can I recycle my old air conditioner?

As with most household appliances, you may need to change your air conditioner to make room for a new unit. It’s illegal to just throw away your AC and throw away all that rubbish. All air conditioning systems contain cooling receptacles which are depleted with ozone and help with climate change. We recommend the steps to recycle / replace your conditioned heating/cooling units, if possible, and offer some disposable products.

The Benefits of Proper Air Conditioner Recycling & Disposal We all need to be conscious of the environmental impacts of our choices and actions. Taking steps towards climate control is beneficial to everyone, so make sure you do all you can to be responsible by properly disposing of or recycling your old air conditioner and other appliances.

Tell me the best way to dispose of an air conditioner?

It’s not better than a cold air conditioning room on an icy cold winter day. The cooling system provides the ability to stay comfortably inside in warm summers. But it’s a problem when storing an air conditioning unit. We’ve long past the days when one could throw the air conditioning out to the landfill legally. Are you sure the chemicals cause health problems? Tell me the easiest way to remove these heavy items?

Throwing Away an Old Air Conditioner: Why It’s Illegal?

It’s legal to dump the AC and trash. That’s because your AC units are using cooling refrigerants, which could have chemicals that cause environmental problems if left in landfills. The AC compressor today uses 2 common types: R-22 refrigerants commonly used in older models and R-41A refrigerants in new models. Refrigerants in R-22 have been reformulated to reduce environmental pollution and increase efficient use, as per the latest guidelines from the Environmental Protection Agency.

Sanitation and recycling businesses

If you want to contact a local waste management company, you can contact the local councils. They usually make arrangements for air conditioning recyclers and take charge of the entire process for you, from the extraction of air conditioners to the removal. Some businesses charge an additional cost for services but others may pay for the scrap value. Some parts of an HVAC unit may still be useful even after it has been broken or damaged. The larger the product, the greater its value.

Why A/Cs need to be Disposed of Correctly?

Air conditioning disposal disposed about 45 lbs. of plastic, copper, aluminium and other non-biodegradable materials. If your Air Conditioning system uses paper filters, they are not biodegradable. They have an adequate effect on our environment. The most harmful part about the A/C is that the refrigerants can be seen without looking.

Air conditioner disposal options

The RAD EPA program supports companies and organizations that agree to give equipment to environmental recycling sites. Currently more than 80 facilities in 31 states participate in EPA’s RAD program. This factory has qualified technicians and equipment for restoring refrigerant efficiently.

Local Debris Hauling Company

Many junk hauling firms will collect and take your trash from your garage and take it out. But it is possible the discarded device will go to waste. Some small trash hauling firms can recycle and dispose of the air conditioner as prescribed according to local and federal regulations. Consult their websites.

Air Conditioner Bounty Program

Find the local electric companies that have air conditioning and refrigerator bounty programs or turn-in programs. Utility customers usually pay a little money to reuse an unusable appliance. These rebates often help reduce costs on older vehicles and are available under the Energy Star program from EPA.

Consult local disposal agency

Some cities offer curb pick-ups for air conditioners or other devices. The municipal authorities provide the distribution of the property by private contractors. The system is also possible to send units to responsible refrigeration recycling sites or exported to developing nations for reuse.

Proper steps you must take before disposing or recycling your air conditioner

Before you reuse your HVAC unit, it’s important to make some steps to protect your environment. Many of the products mentioned above are dangerous substances or components. Remove the following parts from your AC unit prior to the removal procedure.

Our expert technicians are here for you Schedule Online Today In order to ensure you properly dispose of your air conditioning unit, we’ve composed a helpful how-to guide with steps on recycling your air conditioning system, as well as disposable options to choose from.

Be careful when transporting your old air conditioner to a recycling facility

You should always be safe while reusing the old air conditioner to avoid damage. Moving the whole thing yourself is very dangerous to yourself.


Another option to recycle or remove the old air conditioning system is through the appliance company, where you replace the air conditioners. Many appliance sellers offer recycling services to customers of an older AC unit. The store might even offer you a savings of the purchase or money for recycling. When looking into buying air conditioning units, contact the salesperson to see if they offer pickup or disposal options.

Localized disposal & recycling programs

If self-disposal occurs, contact a local sanitation agency. Some units will need to be transported to a particular site and must be taken care of preventable actions like cleaning the refrigerators and other equipment. How do you fix an ice-cold air-cooled heating/cooling system?

Are old air conditioners worth anything?

Generally, if someone scraps up an entire window-condition system at their scrap shop you can expect to pay anywhere between 4 and 6 dollars. When a single window unit is removed the money could trip if it contains the same material or metal, especially copper tubing.

But they may just end up dropping the appliance in the landfill. A smaller subset of trash haulers will properly recycle and dispose of the air conditioner in accordance with all local and federal guidelines. Check their websites, plus call and verify that they will actually do this.

Are air conditioning compressors recyclable?

Almost 2500 lt. compressor ready for recycling. Although there are so many kinds of metal, there is still some recycling on HVAC systems. Another important fact is that metal recyclers often need people to have current licenses to sell air conditioning equipment for sale as scrap.

How much is a new AC unit for a 2000 square foot house?

Average installation costs are about $5100 per unit, which is about 19,000 for one unit in a 2,000 ft home. Read the rest of the cost breakdown here. Find the best HVAC contractors in our community. Depending on your home size.

This potent refrigerant contributes negatively to global climate change because of the greenhouse gases present. Freon, perhaps the most notable cooling refrigerant, can also cause irreparable damage to the environment once it leaks from old, broken appliances. Read about the U.S. ban on freon that took effect in 2020.

How to sell used air conditioners?

Tell me the cashier’s way to do it? – Compare prices. Pick up the device & tell us what is currently there so that our AI-based software will customize a suitable solution. Scheduled pick up. Book an immediate return to the office at the most convenient time. Pay.

Many appliance sellers may provide recycle and disposal services for your old AC unit when you buy a new one. They may even provide a discount on your new air conditioning unit or cash when recycling with them. When shopping for a new air conditioning unit, speak with the sales representative to see if they offer any pickup and disposal deals.

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