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LG portable air conditioner: LP1419IVSM review

The insiders who link to these websites earn a commission on purchases made. Find out what you can find. Load something loading up. Summers are hard without AC. I should know that there’s not a window conditioned air conditioner in my house so it is much too hot. Thankfully portable Air Conditioners have become popular over time due to the ease of installation and the variety of windows available. When I tested 12 different types we found a very useful list of portable air conditioners for my portable air conditioning review. While my tests were objectively done, I needed a solution for my hot tub.

This LG Portable Air Conditioner Will Help Get You Through the Dog Days

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We spent a week testing this portable AC unit in a normally hot and sticky cabin. Here’s what we found

Living in Minneapolis, four to five months of my life are terrifying for me. These small ones are when the temperatures are rarely above 3 degrees. And those dog days in summer when the temperature drops to 100 degrees and I break in sweat grabbing the garbage or grabbing the newspaper. If I have to choose I would go with the Arctic cold because one could always layer up and get one sweater. However in heat waves, there are more difficult options. Perhaps have some fun with the pool when you get some or sit inside with the cooled air conditioner turned up. As we prepare to travel for our annual midsummer family road trip to our wooded cabin I figured I would use my portable AC.

Get cool and comfortable. Get some air

Optimum Cool. Very quiet. Take a seat and enjoy LG air conditioning smartly and efficiently. Graphics: LG windows conditioner in a living area where a dog sits on a couch. Lodecibel delivers high power. Very little noise. DUAL – COMPRESSOR® technologies move air effectively and quietly and operate at a noise level of as low as 45dB while in the sleep modes. Graphic description : LG air conditioned room next sofa maximum cooling maximum comfort starts at maximum cooling. LG air conditioning units have excellent cooling capabilities that help control temperature of rooms.

What is a LG 7000 BTU portable air conditioner?

The LG 7000 BTU portable air conditioning unit is a single unit which combines AC drier and fans. Among its features is the multispeed fan with automatic shut down/start timer. The light blue plastic case with plastic cladding is beefy and weighs 27-1/2 inches. Height 164-1/4ins. Approximately 55 g in weight. Once it’s a little more expensive, it’s very easily maneuverable with easy roll-out casters. The large, digitally-designed dashboard features LED indicators indicating air conditioning speed, timer temperature and time.

Does LG make good air conditioners?

LG is an industry leader and is using that technology to bring it to the HVAC sector when you need an efficient heating and cooling unit for your residence.

How do I control my LG air conditioner?

Pressing power. You can set the temperature by pressing the down or upward arrow keys. Press the MODE key multiple times to select Cool mode. The Fan button is used to control the fan using the FAN button. If necessary the speed is adjusted.

LG Air Conditioners

LG air conditioners produce exceptional cooling power to help you control the temperature in your space. And 4-way air deflection directs cool air where it’s needed most. LG window air conditioner in a living room Energy Efficiency LG air conditioners with DUAL Inverter Compressor™ are up to 25% more energy efficient than the ENERGY STAR® certification requirement. The more energy your air conditioner saves, the more you save on energy.

LG Electronics

Learn More Residential/Light Commercial LG HVAC Homeowner Resources HVAC Rebates and Incentives LG Pro Dealer Program Smart Home with LG Thin With electronics from LG, you’re prepared for life. From TVs and home appliances to mobile phones and computer accessories, LG electronics give you what you need to be plugged in, connected and in control. Questions? Let Us Help. Simply choose a support option from the icons below: Contact Us my LG HVAC Certificates LG Sales Portal USA, English PRODUCTS Mobile Phones TV/Audio/Video Kitchen Laundry Other Appliances Computer Products LG.

Innovative Features

Casement: Created specifically for casement windows, this innovative range allows you to efficiently cool your home while maintaining its original look and feel. Wall: LG wall units offer a more permanent solution to your cooling needs. Boasting powerful performance and innovative features, like multiple cooling and fan speeds, as well as a universal fit sleeve for a custom look, they offer a lasting solution to your cooling needs. Cool your space with an LG air conditioner.

LG Thinq

The LG air conditioner drowns out most of it with pleasant white noise, free of jarring sounds. On the high fan setting, the LG LP1419IVSM is as loud as a refrigerator, about 56 decibels from 6 feet away. Other features I like to use the LG ThinQ app to crank the AC an hour or so before bedtime, so I have a cool room when I get there. You can also set a schedule or choose delay on and off functions. On nights when I’m not using the portable air conditioning, I can easily uninstall it in a minute or two.

Window Air Conditioner

Why You Should Buy This Overall, I was impressed this LG Portable Air Conditioner. The unit cooled both rooms better than expected with straightforward operation. Installing the window venting kit proved to be the most challenging part. But it’s still easier than installing a window air conditioner , and easier on your back. And when the heat wave is finally over, the LG Portable Air Conditioner rolls out of sight or into a closet for easy storage.

Control air from anywhere with ThinQ®

Change the forecast when the temperature rises outside. ThinQ® technology can be easily controlled by smartphone or laptop. Get your phone ready for cooling and shut down your cooling system. It even has an integrated voice assistant to control the air conditioner. Portable air conditioning Comfort where needed. Stylish, powerful & innovative performance thru walls AC UNIT Stay cool and controlled by choosing Sort Type. Sort By Select Sort Type.


LG HVAC provides home-users with energy-saving comfort. LG residential and light commercial systems are made from high-end technologies and provide superior performance. Find out how innovative LG residential and commercial lighting products make selling, installing and service easy.

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