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2023 AC Condenser Replacement Cost | AC Coil Prices

Fact-checked by Tom Grupa AC condensator replacement costs $1200-$4500 / $600 in case of no warranty or $600 or $1000 in labor. AC Condenser units prices range from $1500 to $3500 / unit. A replacement condensing coil will cost between 900 and 2300 per unit.

How Do Costs Differ By AC Condenser Coil Type? There are three main types of condenser coils, and the type you have impacts your replacement cost. The most common type of AC condenser is a fin-and-tube condenser, but if you have a microchannel or spine-fin condenser, you’ll likely pay more for replacement.

Average cost to replace an AC condenser unit

This table shows average costs for replacing AC condensers not covered by warranty. Cost estimates are a summary of the research costs reported by Home Guide subscribers. Find free estimates from air conditioner service in your area.

You’ll pay more for an AC condensing unit backed by a longer warranty. But given how much AC condenser replacement costs can get, this may be a good idea. Accessibility: If the outdoor portion of your AC unit is difficult to access (like if it’s on the roof or mounted halfway up the side of your home), labor fees may be higher.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace an AC Condenser?

AC compressor replacement is estimated at around $4375 to $1900. Depending on the degree of damage, the cooling unit must be replaced entirely. Costs of operation and demolition are included as a part of this. Information from the RS Mean construction materials and labour databases.

This condenser has three different kinds and your choice will determine your replacement cost. The most common AC condensers include the fin-and-tube types, but with the micro-channel and spine-fin condensers, it will likely cost more replacements. Data regarding costs are grouped into units, labor, and demolition.

AC Condenser Replacement Cost by Ton

The air-conditioned volume is expressed as tonnes. This doesn’t matter what the unit weighs or the air the air coolers in a given length. Typically the air conditioning system is 2.5 tonne. This list lists the prices of condensers for replacing their system power.

The location of the AC condenser makes it prone to damage if the vehicle is involved in a front-end collision. If such a collision occurs, the AC system should be closely inspected to ensure that it is operating correctly and not in danger of failing at a later date.

Condenser Coil Replacement Sometimes you can replace the AC condenser coil without having to replace the whole outdoor condenser unit. The cost of the coil replacement is between $850 and $2,500 for just the part itself while labor for the coil replacement can cost between $300 and $900.

AC Condenser Replacement by Coil Type

Refrigerant is pumped into gas and passes into your air conditioning coil and is then cooled in liquid forms. The condenser coil is the least expensive component that can be replaced. The commonest coil types have fins and tube designs that are less expensive, but also the least efficient and easier to damage.

Unlike other forms of plastic, spine fins can also be used as leak proof but only a few manufacturers use them. Condensing coils have the most efficient micro-channel design which requires less coolance and is corrosion-resistant but is more expensive.

So, Is Replacing Your AC Condenser Worth the Cost?

AC conditioning replacement is expected to cost about $1000 to 4375 per unit on average. It can vary depending upon the size of your cooling unit, the type of cooling system you have, your AC brand name and the kind of cooling equipment you are using.

If the AC condensing machine was not replaced, it would have cost less than the labor cost. If your condenser has been faulty or less than 5 years old, you should replace it as a way to avoid costly replacements. Let’s look back at the most common HVAC condenser problems in your home.

AC Condenser Installation Cost

Installation of a condenser in an air compressor is expensive, especially in the event the warranty is expiring. The unit is priced between $1,000 and $3500, and not covered by warranty. Costs vary according to various parameters such as product brand size, tons (cold air measurement), coil type and SEER (Secondary Efficiency Ratio) rating. Depending on the warranty, the unit will cost between 200 and 1,500 for the labour to replace the old units and replace them.

Refrigerant is sprayed into the evaporator coil which cools it and allows it to pick up heat from inside the home. The heated vapor then moves outside to the condensing unit where the compressor increases the pressure, converting it back into a liquid and pushing it into the condenser coil where it gives off the collected heat.

Home AC condenser replacement cost factors

Several factors influence the replacement cost of the unit. Generally large units require replacing. Copper coil is much cheaper than aluminium coil but is stronger and easily repairable. Older condensers may require replacing the AC unit in order to maintain sanitization of air conditioning systems in both indoor and exterior environments. The cost of replacing the air conditioners ranges from $500- $700. Efficiency ratings or SEERs – Higher efficiency units can be costly initially and save money over time.

How often do AC condensers need to be replaced? Failure of an air conditioning condenser is normally due to physical damage, but debris in the air conditioning system can cause it to clog. If the small metal fins on the exterior of the condenser become matted with a foreign substance, the condenser will not function properly, but may be repairable with a specialty comb.

Cost to replace air handler and condenser

Replacement of airhandler can cost between $1500 and $2000. The replacement and condenser should be inserted in a single device that does not have problems and is not a warranty item. AC condensers and air handlers are compatible. Mismatch in size, SEER ratings or manufacturers causes significant problems like low performance and early systems failure. Replaced parts for indoor/outdoor systems may invalidate warranty. Some older units in a building are unable to use condensers due to the elimination of refrigerant and introducing SEER standards.

Repair or Replace Your AC Condenser Today ZIP Code Find a Pro Common AC Condenser Repair Costs Sometimes, an AC condenser malfunction may be limited to a specific part, in which case you may just need to find a local HVAC repair company to fix the issue or replace the part. Sometimes, AC repair costs less than the full cost to replace a condenser.

How long does an AC condenser last?

Can you list the lifespan of AC condensers? A condenser that is a reliable product with regular servicing should last the same amount of time as the air conditioner itself will. The model ranges between 10 and 20 years.

AC condenser part Brand AC system type Condenser age Warranty AC Condenser Part Although you may need a new AC condenser, sometimes you can get away with repairing a specific part of the unit. The condenser unit costs up to $4,375 to replace, but if only the condenser fan or capacitor is broken, you can save hundreds of dollars in repair costs.

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