AC Can’t Keep Up With Heat

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AC Can’t Keep Up With Heat

In recent years, the United States has experienced the highest temperature in history. Homes with properly installed air conditioners are sized to meet this standard and probably didn’t even need them when they were installed. I think quite a majority of homes that display large air conditioning units aren’t keeping the temperature at all. Are there problems with retaining coolness from air conditioner problems? Here at Las Vegas AC Repair, we want to make sure your AC is working throughout these hot summers.

Why can’t I keep a cool home with the 100 Degree Heat Wave?

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The record-breaking 100 degrees heatwave in America continues. Our shield against oppressively warm weather in our house is AC which cools our house during warm summers. Do you think that air conditioning is suited for a high-temperature environment? Can a house be cool when the temperatures are below 100 degrees outside? Is it necessary to use the warmer air to avoid wasting electricity? Having access to Transe’s commercial relationship with American Standard helps you understand how close its operations are. 

Your Air Conditioning System cannot provide the chilly temperatures within your home. A thermostat with too high a temperature will likely damage the cooling system and cause unnecessary repairs. Whether or not the air conditioner is cold or hot, there will be something in it that is not right for you to use it. It may look unusual in your home to be 76 degrees outside, but the sustained heat outside can be abnormal.

Dirty Condenser Coils
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It is impossible to create cold air in air conditioners. This eliminates heat and reduces the heat in the air at home. It takes place within the condensing unit of the AC machine. The condensing coil in the condensing unit is blocked with dirt and debris and the air conditioner doesn’t produce the heat required to cool your residence.

Dirty Evaporator Coils
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Often called indoor coils, evaporator coils require cleaning to ensure a smooth airflow across them. If this coil becomes clogged with dirt, it freezes and makes it harder for you to cool properly. The problem can usually be identified when you reach the register and feel nothing moving. Clearly, the coil has problems.

Refrigerant leaks
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Newer HVAC units run no Freon (R-22 Refrigerators) as the majority today use R410. Although the liquid is non-dissolving a refrigerant leak can cause a conditioned air conditioner to stop operating as it should.

Dispense air evenly

Get your thermostat higher so your a/c unit gets a break. Change your air filter. Cut back any shrubs or debris around your outdoor unit. Spray down the condenser with a hose. Don’t close off vents, your system needs to dispense air evenly without too much pressure Like any mechanical system, your a/c needs to be maintained.

The majority of service calls we receive in the Summer can be prevented with maintenance in the Spring. If you’ve been lucky enough to not have an emergency so far, you should seriously consider calling us here at Las Vegas AC Repair.

Hot air conditioner

There is nothing you can do to control the outside temperature, there are several things to prevent the hot air from coming inside: Keep your blinds closed during the day Wait until it’s cooler outside to do laundry or run the dishwasher Grill outside instead of turning on the stove or oven Set your thermostat higher so your a/c unit gets a break Change you air filter Cut back any shrubs or debris around

Change your filter. Most people let them get too dirty, and this is one of the most common reasons for poor performance in air conditioners

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